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  1. Thanks for the replies! Misfish, Ya Gotta switch 'er up once in a while.
  2. Went out for a few hours a couple weeks ago and I finally got the chance to put up a couple pics. got 1 walleye, 1 smallie, 1 perch and 1 pike. The perch and pike werent really worth a picture lol. Got the walleye trolling old trusty, the only rig that seems to produce on that lake when the bite is slow and the bass was caught casting a crank into some heavy cover. That hog put up a solid fight too and took a few good runs. I forgot to rotate the pics. The bass weighed exactly 5 3/4lbs and measured out to 20 3/4" it's by far my PB
  3. Nice catch! Again tonight eh? let me know how it pans out. headin out tomorrow for some pike n' eyes. -JP
  4. Yes, they do. Although they're pretty solid machines, not really all THAT bad. but my buddy is having some issues with his clutch even at low idle. his winch works when it wants. constantly blowing fuses. best part is that it keeps running .... that's the brute force 650. I think it's a 2006 or 2005. his other deal, brute froce 750. 2008 I think, hasn't had any problems yet to my knowledge. i'm sure they'll be commin' around the corner though. one of the best quads i've ever ridden for comfort IMO. Independant suspension on the 750, but straight axel on the 650. Again, both pretty good quads, but not something I would personally buy. As you can tell, I like this thread. lol JP
  5. well, good to finally here from you. nice fish! kinda sad I didnt get out there at all while the 'eyes were hot. oh well, hopefully next week i'll be rockin the inland lakes in search of specks, 'eyes, pike and bass. you look firmiliar too. I think I may have talked to you a few times by the powerhouse. are the banks lined up with weirdos yet?
  6. You forgot Honda in your previous post.
  7. I havent had anything but negative experiances with arctic cat quads. their sleds on the other hand are perfect. Honda, in my opinion, are by far the best built machines out there. for whatever the purpose. they put up with anything you throw at them. as a proud and former honda owner of quads and bikes they have put up with everything and have been completely reliable.... until you swamp them Polaris, I dont mind... but they could use some improvements. I dont have a need for anything higher than a 500 sportsman. my buddy owns both 400 and 500 HO's at his camp. the trails are ROUGH! rocky as heck, muddy like you wouldnt believe. just hell for those machines and they put up with it time after time. Can-am (bombardier), I used to love their stuff. still do actually. havent ridden any or have friends that own anything bigger than a 350 rally. from what I read and heard, they're pretty solid machines. Suzuki, my buddy's father owns a big 700 king. pretty good bike by the sounds of things. but the yamaha bruin can get through mud holes it cant. Yamaha, once again havent had much experiance with them. nor have I heard too many good things. but they may be quality machines for all I know. well, my buddy owns a bruin and its a pretty good little quad. I may have forgotten a manufacturer. hope this helps! Edit: Most quads you're gunna find now-a-days will be belt drive. though they aren't half bad I still prefer shaft. at least that way you dont have to worry about belt slipping and snapping etc. JP
  8. Hey Rizzo, you interested in driving a solid 8-10 hours to help me get my first ski? beauty fish fellas!
  9. ohhhh man, I wish I was still living down there. I'd be ther for sure! Now I got a slummy track up here owned by a moron, lol. Mosport is a super great track! Both the oval AND road portions. The facilities are also unmatched. Anyhow have a great time out there guys! Give me a damage report when you come back
  10. Ahhh well, I ended up callin my buddy anyway, problem solved! Confirmed that cold is closest to the fan. Hot closest is to the clutch. At least on my sled anyway. All done here now, make what you must of the thread. Those little snap rings are a pain too. They get me every single time!
  11. im rebuilding my 1993 safari rally 503 and im stuck on one thing.... I forget which side the "hot" cylinder goes on.... or is it just the heads you shouldnt mix up? either way should hot go closest to the fan or should cold?? lookin to get it done asap please! if anyone can confirm my somewhat idea I would very much appreciate it! JohnF, where are ya? Thanks, JP
  12. All I have to say on this one is....... maybe.
  13. thanks guys! I appreciate it. and mercman, I hope it is a "changin' day"!
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