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OFN'er needs some help!

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Heading up to the Buckhorn area this weekend for our annual Muskie trip.


Although we've had a few incidental walleye catches over the years....usually on the troll, I would like to be able to target them at some point over the weekend.


I'm not looking for someone's hotspot or secret hole, but paterns/past success in this area would be a big help!


If you would prefer to exchange via private msg that is great, maybe I can exchange some succesful muskie patterns from the past few years!

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Not a lot of experience on my part, but from what I've read, you want to be tossing body baits, like smithwick's rogues, x-raps, long A's, in the evening close to shore....from 7-12pm...near causeways, dams (where legal), and generally walleye-like shorelines.

Good luck :D

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