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Another trip out fishing w/ my cousin...

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Hey OFC'ers,


Was out fishing on FRIDAY... Headed to a trib nearing the mouth, but saw the river conditions and didn't like what we saw.... TOO MUDDY. Couldn't see worth a damn 4" in front of the fishes face! So... instead we decided to hit Lake Scugog.... AWESOME DECISION.... People all around us were catching... not as much as we'd like... but at least they were co-operating for the short period. Manage to land a few decent sized fish....Fished there for a good 3-4hrs.


On the drive home to drop off my cousin at his place....we get pulled over....(for running amber light)....PO comes up to the window and says "You know why I pulled ya over?"... I reply "Yeah, cause I ran what was ALMOST a red light".....I continue to say..."I couldn't slam on the breaks as hard as I would like... my Truck is almost at 400,000kms... I wouldn't dare test her breaking distance"....He then asks "So, where are you guys headed"... "we replied home... after fishing".... he asks "Oh yeah? Where'd you guys fish"... We tell him where...He continues to ask "Oh yeah! I fish that area... any luck?".... we then reply "...Yeah! some of it is in the back to take home and eat"....He then goes to say "...Ok guys, Just drive safe..."....


I honestly think he let me go (without a ticket) because he was a fellow angler... and knows the area we went. hahaha... Pretty awesome tho, eh?


Anyway... Here's a pic taken at around 11:30pm....Pardon the clarity... it was taken off my cellphone. Anyway... that's my report....Enjoy the pic :P




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