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Muskoka Ice Report

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Hi All,


Checked several lakes this weekend looking for safe ice. The big lakes like Muskoka, Lake of bays etc.

are still wide open, including the back bays. Even with the cold weather this week i doubt if there will be any safe ice by this coming weekend. The small lakes were a different story. We were able to fish 2 small lakes

that we have been watching for a while. These small ones never did lose their ice during the last warm spell.

With the cool weekend weather helping out we found a solid 4" of good ice. By this weekend I expect the smaller lakes to have about 6" of ice. You have got to be careful, and know the lake you are fishing. This is not the time of year to try a lake you have never fished before. We wear floater suits and check the ice with spuds every 10 feet or so. We also carry ice picks and if we find ice anywhere less that 4" we retreat and head home.

I know this sounds crazy to some but we are definitely not dare devils. I just wanted to pass on that the big lakes are a definite NO-GO, but the smaller lakes for the Crappie, Splake, or Speckle fishermen are a possibility.

Just use common sense and take the risk out by wearing the right gear, go where you know, and check, check, check. I guess those rules apply no matter what time of winter it is.


Be Safe,



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