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Cast Adventures

Niagara Report from yesterday......

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Was on the river yesterday for a half day trip. Super nice out, sunny, blue skies and sunburns LOL. It was 15 here in Niagara..... No ice floating around made for easy driving in the boat. We hit 9 landed 7 (one customer). No big fish with a few around 7lbs. One small brown trout landed. LONG leaders of 6lbs floro was the ticket.........(hint over 7 feet for those fishing from the boat)


Running and gunning from spot to spot. Didn't find any schools of fish. One here one there.......Live minnows, and hot pink rainbow bags (dime size) and one fish on a Power minnow. We caught fish all the way down to the lake and above the power dams.....did the full tour! Wind was crazy down river, made boat control tough!


As we were leaving the run off from the flash melt was starting to take it's toll on the water vis.....not sure about today, but i'm guessing that the dams were pumping out mud. Shouldn't last long.......Sorry no pics this time.



Oh yeah, forgot to mention


talked to a few different angler out on the water today, seems like bigger fish are starting to show up. One boat hit a 15,14.6 and two over 12lbs !!! all from the same drift . Another shore angler showed me a picture of a TANK from the day before. Looked in the 13-14lb range.........


See you on the River,


Cast Adventures

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