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  1. Stopped at Home Hardware in Cayuga today and saw some very nice pre fab sheds, single car garage, and bunky. The one we are looking into is a 14X40 with a covered deck, makes a great 3 season bunky. They deliver, prep the land and erect for 14K. I know it will be much more once you pay for everything they don't tell you like stain/paint shingles maybe etc. Free delivery within 50 miles but I can't find out where they are in Ontario. I am sure the County won't let me erect it without proper footings not concrete blocks as their website says. A US company from down south with Ontario dealer. I can't build one myself for that price, Less than 30 bucks a square foot. Would be fantastic for a remote camp where permits may not apply. Heck we have had 4 guys in a camp shack 1/2 that size. Anyone have one? What do you think? oldhickorybuildings.ca
  2. Hi all, I have a 24v trolling motor battery set up. Once I put my trolling motor on, the battery meter on the TM shows only 2 out of 4 bars. So I'm wondering if one of my batteries are pooched. The charger seems to be working fine. So how do I know which one is pooched. I bought the boat used and it's 4 years old. They are Interstate batteries and are fully topped up. Thanks in advance for answers.
  3. ~~~been a watchen these birds now for a few years, and yesterday the Adult female returned to the nest with a deer carcass which the eaglets torn into. also seen on the dinner table, a hawk, crow, and earlier a lot of phish. neither of these nest have any human contact, the U of Iowa is monitoring 2 nest, one is just over a trout farm
  4. well this makes tons of sense. :shakes head: We're going to save you $24B off your hydro bill and it's only going to cost you $45B!!!! Man, politicians are complete morons!!! http://www.cp24.com/news/liberal-hydro-rebate-plan-will-cost-45b-and-save-ratepayers-24b-watchdog-1.3426861
  5. I think this may be it!!! http://tv.what the hell/2-million-people-old-1996-model-car-epic-video/
  6. This just popped up in my feed this morning and I wanted to make sure y'all knew about it. Seems there are issues with CO entering the cabin on some Ford Explorers. A police officer passed out @ the wheel because of it this week. http://www.kvue.com/news/local/carbon-monoxide-detectors-apd-ford-explorers/424034820
  7. Currently we have a 11 year old Cockapoo and he has been the best dog that I have been around, but he is getting up in years so I am contemplating getting a second dog. With owning the Cockapoo I am sold 100% on the Poodle blend, hence the labradoodle vs goldendoodle choice, we have recently bought new property with a lake 2 minutes walk , I really am looking for feed back about these two breeds, and these two breeds alone. Once we have chosen the breed, I will look at seeing if I can find a dog that is up for adoption and or a rescue dog but I really need to hear any pro and cons of the two breeds so that I can start to look for the next member of the family. Our current dog is definitely a part of the family who has the run of the house and he has 1/2 acre to play so obviously the new dog will be no different but I personally would like a bit bigger / hardier dog that is why I am looking at these two breeds and not another Cockapoo, otherwise I would not even think twice and would get another Cockapoo at the drop of a hat. Any and all info is greatly appriciated, as I think I know which way I am leaning but would really like to hear from this knowledgeable group. Many thanks, FLEX
  8. Both yesterday and today when I click on View New Content nothing happens,so I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else?
  9. Hello everyone , been awhile since I have been around . Busy couple months but always peek in for a visit . Anyways , I live in a 8 year old house that was bought new and I seem to have some moisture problems in the winter along with "stale air" through out the house , been doing some research and made some phone calls and it seems my house requires an HRV system . I know they can be a bit pricey but if it gets rid of these problems I will go for it . Anybody have any input on these systems or have one in there home with good/bad experiences . Thanks
  10. Well, I’ve been somewhat absent from OFC and friends for a while due to being fully engaged and immersed in Sean’s ongoing recovery and therapy. He’s been involved in a McMaster Neurological Study over the past year and through various testing and observations, he has been diagnosed with “locked in syndrome”. Basically what this translates to is that he is aware and cognizant of his surroundings and is able to understand verbal communication but he is only able to respond via simple yes or no eye blinks. Long story short, after much research and consultations with speech therapists as well as reaching out directly to the manufacturer, we’ve decided to move forward with this amazing technology and software developed by Tobii Dynavox. I’ll let the following videos look after the description: How it works; If we can get a “Hello Mum”, the investment is priceless; And this is just way to0 cute not to share; Initially we are just starting with software that trains for ‘eye gazing’ and moving on to communication software. If Sean is able to manage and navigate the technology, he will be able to communicate via Facebook & Skype, browse the internet, turn on his TV or iPod, and control his environment (lighting & HVAC). He still has a long road but his 28 yrs young and has science and technology on his side Edited to repair links. Can't seem to get the final two links to embed??
  11. Hi all, quick question - does all the cooling water flow through the tube that puts a jet of water out the side of the motor or is that just an indicator?
  12. And I have seen a few. Tonight Montreal played in Hamilton. Duron Carter who has had some off field issues as of late was told he would play on Special Teams. Something he has never done in his Pro career. Some might call it a slap on the wrist to ask a "star" to suddenly play special teams. He is rushing Hamilton's Punter, blocks the punt, snags it right out of the air and fights off a few Hamilton defenders on the sideline and goes around 50 yards for the TD. I will post it once it gets on the Net. Amazing show of athleticism, a once in a lifetime play in my opinion, very special to see live. He is the son of NFL Hall of Fame member Cris Carter. The video is on Yahoo Sports, I can no longer copy and paste on this site any longer. Google Chrome browser is supposed to help here on OFC but then that gives me problems on other sites.
  13. I am looking for an entry level Technician. Initial responsibility would be Tire Install, Oil Changes and other related tasks at busy, clean, well equipped 7 bay shop in Milton. Great opportunity for someone looking to start a career in Automotive Service and Repair. Will train the right person. You would be working under fully qualified 310 - Auto Service Technicians. Benefit package available. Bonuses can be earned. Position is advertised on Indeed and Kijiji. Thought there might be a member here that knows someone looking to start their working career in this industry. You can text me at 289-828-1804 or send resume to [email protected] Mod's I assume that this is OK to post here.......no advertising intended... John..
  14. Seems they had a hail storm.
  15. So while working at the cabin my ipod is getting a good workout. I was thinking today while listening to my Rush collection about concerts back in the day and I realized my first real concert that I attended was to see Rush in 1981 @ Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto during their Moving Pictures tour. T'was a good gig. I have seen well over 1,000 shows while I have been on this planet and only a few really stand out to me. This first concert with Rush is big of course but there are a few more that have been really great shows. I got to see Springsteen at MLG as well and that dude puts on a hell of a show. He did a 2 hour set and took a 30 minute break and came out and did 2 more hours!!!! It was incredible that he and his crew go go that long and not drop dead!!! I remember looking around the packed arena and the whole crow were on their feet dancing the whole show!!! (y) (y) Number 3 on my list was Reggae Sunsplash @ Lamport Stadium in Toronto. Some of the top reggae performers were there and the show was awesome until..................The Storm came!!! Right in the middle of Eek A Mouse's set the sky unleashed but we didn't care just kept on jammin' until................ The sound equipment started shorting out due to the deluge so they shut it down a couple of acts early. Even though I was soaked to the bone it was a good show. Number 4 on my list was when I was working @ Super Stars Night Club in Mississauga in the early 90's. I got the chance to see a ton of great bands, performers and comedians there but by far my favorite show was The B52's!!! Damn they are the epitome of party bands. You can not go to one of their shows and not have a fantastic time. The whole club was electric and 3,500 revelers did all 16 dances!!!! Any body else remember their first concert? Any really memorable shows?
  16. https://docs.google.com/presentation...w#slide=id.p17
  17. Wild story for sure. I lived in this area when I moved to the NWT in 2005. http://www.adn.com/alaska-news/nation-world/2016/06/17/a-starving-wolf-stalked-a-canadian-woman-and-her-dog-for-12-hours-then-along-came-a-bear/
  18. When applied to real life situations.
  19. I hope I get to see the Hip this summer. www.thehip.com
  20. I want to replace my carpeting on the bow casting deck on my 19 foot StarCraft that's 22 years old. I will never match the carpet that I can get from StarCraft because of fading and really like the look of the checker plate rubber flooring. Does anyone know of a supplier in or around the Golden Horseshoe? I see many online but all seem to be out of the USA. It runs around 3 bucks a square foot for 1/4 inch thick stuff. The custom $100,000.00 fishing boat they did up for the Fishin' Canada show has it throughout the boat. The heat it may hold, and I'm sure it gets hot, isn't an issue as I always wear shoes as well as my guests. Thank you for any help.
  21. Really bad South of me in Ft. Mac. AB. http://globalnews.ca/news/2677885/mayor-issues-warnings-as-fire-situation-in-fort-mcmurray-intensifies/
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