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  1. Yes i have the sigma 150-500 and the 300 is way better I just have to get a little closer 😆
  2. Nikon D7200 with a 300mm F4 lens
  3. I highly recommend UNDERSTANDING EXPOSURE a book by Bryan Peterson and his you tube channel
  4. when I flyfished I used a pen tube wrap the leader over the pen tube with the fly line in it then put the leader back through the tube take the pen tube off and tighten it up
  5. Beside my computer desk 😀
  6. Since it's out the window I bought the smallest Parrot there is a Parrotlet meet Coco
  7. Nice Lew I'd like a better pic of the fawn looks like really dark possible Melnistic ?
  8. Sorry dude I didn't know they had 120v battery
  9. Thanks they look even better in person
  10. Thanks They are from Trinidad
  11. I think the boys looked good just have to stay outta the penalty box
  12. All good here after last monday no need to bait this guy I haven't been back to see it
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