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    Enjoy all types of fishing. Anything that swims is bonus material. Practice catch and release primarily but do enjoy good shore lunch and a fish fry or two at home. Always looking to meet new fisherman and share spots and techniques. Always something new to learn and new waters to fish.

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  1. Oh I agree whole heartedly, electronics are wonderful things....great to fool around with also when the fishing is slow, and we who fish know all about that. They certainly can help to speed things up but only practice, process of elimination by trying different techniques and presentation and learning the habits of the species you seek on any given day will put them in the boat. No substitute for experiance in anything you do in life, and fishing no exception. That's what makes fishing the great sport that it is, you never stop learning and you never stop trying different things to try and establish and pattern out your quarrie......such fun.....
  2. I hear ya and agree, electronics are wonderful, great new technology and are good tools to "have in your box" These are truly "the good old days" there were no salmon in great lakes when I was growing up, brown trout were "phantom fish" now they are everywhere, and that's great. Sure more fish are being caught, but people now practice catch and release, that was very rare when I was coming up, sign of the times and we manage the resource like never before. It's a total sustainable fishery that we've created over the past decades....and that's good for us now and future generations of anglers.
  3. Headhunter....with all due respect, after fishing my preferred waters for 60+ I have no need for sonar or gps.....I experimented and put in many hours of my youth, and mid life exploring these waters.....I learned and retained the knowkedge and I can go out today and be more successful than in the late 50's, I have all the electronics available in these times.....I use my sonar to search for structure and my gps to help me find "my way home " in unfamiliar waters. I've never seen anyone use electronics to make fish hit a bait?......just sayin
  4. Bass are a very prolific fish, I've been fishing them for 60+ years in Bruce/Grey county, Saugeen river watershed and many tributaries. Catch and release, very few people keep and eat these fish. As a former Wilderness Hunting/Fishing lodge owner in Western Quebec for 20+ years I've seen nothing but a healthy, increasing population of smallmouth bass. As for the comments made trying to link this to Cod in the north Atlantic, Moose in Northern Ontario, Deer in southern Ontario, that is just nonsense, "apples and oranges".....Come to Grey/Bruce and talk to me and lots of locals with thousands of dollars damage to our vehicles due to the "bambi" population! As mentioned I'm 60+ years in this area, the "good old days" are now! Never so many deer, or bass for that matter in my lifetime.......just sayin eh!
  5. Loomis Spinning Rod Wanted View Advert Same as prior add, must have hit improper command as I am looking fir this item and is not "completed" .....sorry for the confussion 6-7 foot, 2 piece, light, med-light action, 4-8 lb test. Advertiser Inkman Date 05/23/2019 Price Category Fishing Classifieds
  6. Loomis Spinning Rod Wanted View Advert Looking to purchase 6-7 ft, 2 piece, Loomis Spinning Rod in excellent condition. Light, Medium light action......4 - 8lb line. Not interested in rod that has been used with braid or dyneema superlines.....Mono or Flurocarbon only. Live up Grey/Bruce County. Advertiser Inkman Date 05/23/2019 Price Category Fishing Classifieds  
  7. I have owned Sylvan,Lowe,Lund Aluminum Boats in the past. Last 2 have been Princecrafts 16' and 17'7" If and when I purchase another I will purchase nothing other than a Princecraft! High re-sale/trade in, reliable, great features and BONUS Canadian Made! Good luck whatever make you choose. INKMAN
  8. My Brother-in-law lives on the lake, tons of atv and snowmobile trails in the area, right from your door. Have ice fished it many times with some pretty good catches of perch and a few nice "eyes" Most productive place I have found through the ice is at the north end, west side. Small jigs, spoons, tipped with minnows, or small piece of worm, small twister tails.Best results I've had there seem pretty standard, early morning,and just before dark. Good Luck!
  9. Hopfully, need to get the word out through anglers who have interest in the product. Most shops seem very reluctant, can't quite understand why, but if enough people ask their local tackle shops to "check us out" I'm cetain that will change. Thanks for your input!
  10. Fellow Community Members; I am the Ontario Representative for "FishingStuff" My handle on the board is INKMAN and my name is David Baxter. I reside in the Grey-Bruce area of the province and am very pleased to be representing "FishingStuff" here. Please check out our website and contact me with any questions or concerns at, [email protected] As a 100% CANADIAN COMPANY we look forward to servicing and supplying high quality products to our angling community. Many Thanks
  11. YES there certainly is, I am the Ontario Rep, and a member of this community. My Name is David Baxter, my "handle" on the board is INKMAN. You can reach me anytime at [email protected] I will be happy to answer any questions and supply information on this "CANADIAN COMPANY"! Many Thanks
  12. Correct, they originally did but an issue arose and it was decided to end our agreement. I am the Ontario agent for "FishingStuff" and if you wish you can contact me at [email protected] If you are in the Grey-Bruce area, Ace n' JJ's, just outside Walkerton has rods there for viewing and purchase. I also have all the rods personally available for viewing. Thanks/David Baxter
  13. I have a Princecraft 177 super pro, with a 115hp merc. galvanized trailer, been pulling it around for years, all over Ont. Que. and U.S.(probably 1200-1500 lbs.) Had 3 Explorer's all V8's and no problem. I presently pull it with a GMC Envoy 4litre straight 6 and no problem what so ever. Gas mileage, believe it or not, was better with the V8 but RPM's and towing/pulling out of the launch are very similar. If towing with the Explorer do not tow with the Overdrive engaged! I learnt this the hard way, tranny problems in Wawa. No problem after I learned that expensive lesson. Hope this helps you.
  14. [/b Don't know, purchased lot's shimano from them in the past, If looking for hight quality Canadian Rods, new to Ontario, check us out. www.fishingstufff.com
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