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  1. I used to have a place right off three mile lake.. fished it multiple times and landed some decent largies. Never hooked any eyes BUT i also wasnt targeting them.
  2. Well done!!.. I have yet to break the 40 inch mark for Pike... Def not an easy task!!
  3. Good discussion Guys! I was at the cottage the last 4 days. Only witnessed one account of Obvious bass fishing. One guy in a kayak throwing spinner baits in one of the ussuall spawning ground. I trolled an hour or 2 a day and only pulled up 4 eyes for my efforts. Only one OOS bass over 24fow too. Only thing we can do is call people out on it and then they have to make the decision themselves.
  4. Hey all, My family cottage is on a small lake in the Haliburton area. Last couple years Ive seen a alarming amount of morons targeting bass this time of year. I have confrontted a couple of them and that didnt go over well. EIther i get the "take a hike" or MYOB or im targeting walleye ( yeah sure) The lake im on also has walleye but a very small population compared to the bass & mostly only bites on a long line troll. What are your thoughts on getting the word accross? The ministry is no help due to the minimal access and size of the lake.
  5. Very nice Lew! ... keep some fire crackers ready... He wont be back anytime soon.
  6. I also have those Maui Jims + a pair of these for driving .. love them. http://www.mauijim.com/shop/en/us/mens-sunglasses/stingray?showImage=103-02
  7. Skeleton Lake in muskoka Supposidly has very Clean & Super Clear water.
  8. Port Carling a good way from Kinmount!! Ive fished Crystal a couple times in the summer for Bass but never in the winter...i assume the deep basins will have some lakers in them!
  9. Def will go with shell premium! Thanks to everyone for their feedback.
  10. Sounds like it's a better idea to let it firm up mid week later, with the cold weather coming back.
  11. Dropped off the auger at j&w small engines in Keswick. Jim fixed it up !! Carb was all gummed up and the diafram needed changing. Cause was likely because of regular gas. Only premium from now on!!
  12. Yes the spring is attached and looks fine.. i tried adjusting it, but either direction didnt make a differnt to the IDLE. It doesnt idle high enough to trigger the clutch and get the auger Moving. 2 stroke -- put fresh mix in Twice with Seafoam!
  13. yup ran it dry with sea foam. Started up fine this year.. used it for maybe 20 holes... now its acting up.
  14. +1 runners and reinforcing the front area... I learned my lesson once Now mines a beast!
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