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  1. do the navionics cards fit directly in the computer if you have an sd slot just to 'look around' at the different lakes without necessarily updating anything or do u need a special card reader? thanks
  2. Hi guys Looking locally for a boat deck retractable buckle system for securing rods to the deck of the boat... thnaks
  3. went over the skyway a week ago both ways picking up my 'new' boat in stoney creek! that would not have been fun trying to get home with the new toy!
  4. oh and i won a couple of tickets to the show from twitter but I ended up going by myself as it was a weekday!..so when I came out of the show I gave my other ticket for admission to the first guy I saw walking in. He asked me how much I wanted for it I told him to enjoy... )
  5. i did see a BUNCH of musky stuff come to think of it at one booth very quickly..but its musky fishing stuff..haha..just kiddin'..have fun
  6. just got back and it was..okay. same vendors same spots year after year. I did get to see and talk with some old and new friends but it doesnt take long to walk around the venue....
  7. Hi gang Not sure if this has been posted before but just curious on thoughts about winter boots. I am looking for a pair of just above ankle type ( Columbia bugaboot, baffin snosport or north face flochute etc). I have a pair of traditional 'high' sorels, just curious if anyone has tried these smaller boots for warmth, durability..etc thanks guys Rich
  8. and the CEO of CP makes upwards of $500,000..wonder if his salary will go down to save them money
  9. gotta love my Zeko's..not waterproof by any means but they dry pretty quick and weigh only 5 ounces...
  10. My neighbour is also a certified custom rod builders by the 'Guild'..has been for years..was just over there today and his 'fishing rod room' is amazing! We live in Coldwater ( near Orillia-Midland) and anyone that needs/wants a rod built or rod/reel fixed up, shoot me a message for his info or I can post it here? cheers Rich
  11. Hi guys Just curious what your preferred ice fishing line is..I have tried a few but they seem to still freeze and ice up.. thanks
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