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  1. Easiest way is just netting them while turning rocks in shallow water. Got one last week by accident. Had dog food or bread in the trap for minnows and forgot about the trap. The trap filled with minnows.. and then the crayfish came in after the minnows. That's a slow way to go but apparently it works. I'd just go for a shallow area with rocky bottom and net them.
  2. The lake (dammed river, barely a lake) right downtown is stocked with small rainbows each April at opener. They are usual around til they are fished out or go over the dam. I'd try a worm under a float at the dam. Other than that, I'd drive out of town to the St. Mary's area and fish WIldwood for bass and pike.
  3. I just bought an Everstart Marine battery at Walmart along with a Schumacher charger. Battery: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/everstart-marine-battery-27dc-850n/204674?trail=SRCH%3Amarine+battery&fromPLP=true&ancestorID=alldept&searchString=marine+battery&startSearch=yes&fromSearchBox=true&addFacet=SRCH%3Amarine+battery Charger: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/15102-amp-marine-battery-charger/10045048?trail=SRCH%3Amarine+battery&fromPLP=true&ancestorID=alldept&searchString=marine+battery&startSearch=yes&fromSearchBox=true&addFacet=SRCH%3Amarine+battery I'm a little hesitant to try out the charger because Im not positive I have the settings correct. The charger allows for Standard, AGM, and Gel settings. The manual suggests that deep cycle batteries be charged on the AGM setting, yet everything I've read online suggests this battery isn't a true deep cycle and is more of a starting battery, and should be charged on the Standard setting.. Which setting do I want? It's misleading if its a starting battery when it clearly says "deep cycle" on the label. It's just to drive a 30lb minnkota so Im sure it's strong enough, I just don't want to charge it incorrectly. THanks.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Makes it a lot easier.
  5. I am looking for suggestions for buying an anchor. My boat is a small 10' jon boat and will be used almost exclusively on a small local kettle pond. The pond gets fairly deep in the center 40'(?) and has a muddy, silt-like bottom. The boat would mostly be anchored in under 25 fow. I have been leaning towards a Danforth anchor but I have no idea how heavy an anchor I should need. I want something heavy enough to do the job but not too heavy that its more awkward than it needs to be since I will be loading and unloading it constantly. I was even considering the old "fill a coffee container with concrete" trick since the boat is so small but I don't know if that would grab bottom well enough.. Is there a general rule for size of boat to anchor size?? Thanks.
  6. I am looking for assistance and/or recommendations for buying a charger for a deep cycle battery. I ordered a 30lb thrust Minnkota trolling motor and will be picking it up today. As well I will be grabbing a Group 27 Everstart battery from WM ($87) From what I`ve read on here regarding battery chargers most people are recommending smart (intelligent) chargers as the way to go. My battery will have no role other than to run my trolling motor. I will be carrying it to the boat, running the motor for a few hours and then taking it home to charge. That`s it. No on-board charging etc. Should I still be looking for a smart (intelligent) charger? Any recommendations? I have been told that trickle charge is something to get for sure. I am kinda leaning towards grabbing : Schumacher 15 10 2 Amp Marine Battery Charger. (is this a smart charger?) http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/15102-amp-marine-battery-charger/10045048?trail=SRCH%3Abattery+charger&fromPLP=true&ancestorID=alldept&searchString=battery+charger&startSearch=yes&fromSearchBox=true&addFacet=SRCH%3Abattery+charger But have also seen : Motomaster 12 2A Automatic Charger with 75A engine This one is cheap but I don`t think its a smart charger (if that`s what I need) http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/4/Auto/3/Batteries/BatteryChargers/PRD~0111504P/MotoMaster+12%2B2A++Automatic+Battery+Charger+with+75A+Engine.jsp?locale=en Should I go for the Schumacher? Also, one last thing, What are the thoughts on this charger: Looks like a small, neat charger but it says it only chargers at 7.2 A.. Im assumming that means no trickle. Would this work? Noco Genius G7200 Smart BatteryCharger http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/4/Auto/3/Batteries/BatteryChargers/PRD~0111928P/Noco+Genius+G7200+Smart+Battery+Charger/CROSSSELL~0111504%20MotoMaster%2B12%252F2A%2B%2BAutomatic%2BBattery%2BCharger%2Bwith%2B75A%2BEngine.jsp?locale=en Thanks a lot.
  7. I have just acquired a 10' jon boat that will primarily be fishing a small pond in the area. I am going to be purchasing a trolling motor soon for it and I have been told that a 30 lb thrust motor would be best for it. Reason being that anything much higher that 30lb and you are going too fast to troll effectively in a small boat. Or so Im told. I am looking for help in the battery department. I have zero experience with both trolling motors and the required batteries. I will probably be getting a Minnkota 30lb model. Can anyone recommend a battery make/model that would be appropriate? I have done a search on here and have about 20 windows/topics open that I am going through but I am wondering if anyone knows of any current deals or upcoming deals? Deep Cycle seems to be what is best, but any opinions for a boat my size? I'd like something that I won't be replacing in 2 years and yet not going overkill. Thanks.
  8. I've caught one herring on Simcoe while laker/whitie fishing a few years ago. I know a guy who caught ninety-six (not kept) in an hour once back when there was no limit on simcoe. Supposedly really dumb fish that once a large school comes they will hit anything as fast as your line can get near them. Never eaten one but I know they are great smoked. Easy to catch and great to eat is a bad combo for any fish.
  9. "Posted 25 August 2009 - 01:27 AM" Still a good one though. I remember reading it initially. Great trip.
  10. I watched this earlier today on digital cable from 3-6pm on Sportsnet HD. Its available in the afternoon here on the free ones because of the time difference. Wasn't a bad one. Can't ever really prejudge by the card. A good fight is a good fight. Lots of times its the relatively unknown guys. Anything can happen in there.
  11. Punctuation is your friend. Good going on the win.
  12. I had a large white crappie replica made there a few years back. My fish was larger than the largest one they had done.. They told me they wouldn't need my actual fish to make bigger replica. They just use some method of stretching the next biggest one ,I believe, to make a bigger fish. Unless you took a fish in that was massively bigger than anything they have ever done (which I would doubt), I don't see any free work being done.
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