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  1. North winds might give you calmer waters but the fishing usually sucks......north winds come after a cold front has passed and put fish down and off the bite. Normal SW winds are good and really just about any south wind produces a good bite.... East winds fish bite the least while West winds the fish bite the best. Now the best for no waves is when the winds are blowing straight down, you can tell if these winds are blowing when the flag is hanging straight down.......LOL Get yourself a Weather Rock and you will never need the weather idiot again . . .
  2. Launch in the bay east of Point Abino and jig under the moored sailboats for all kinds of EARLY Summer smallmouth action....black jibs are usually the best.....there is a public launch just west of old Crystal Beach.... and that LONG Point Abino really protects you from any west and southwest winds........ we have caught hundreds of smallmouth bass there, not to mention rock bass and perch. Here's how to get there.....the public launch is between the Buffalo Yacht Club and the Buffalo Canoe Club....you will see a small point if you look close at the map. You might have to ZOOM OUT on this map to see land.
  3. I gave up using a "kicker" many moons ago to slow troll, especially now with a iPilot unit that can not only crawl along but also follow contour lines or at least stay on course withOUT fumes and noise all day long. Why anyone wants a "kicker" to slow troll is beyond me.
  4. Having to HOLD the plastic tip into the bottom of the lower unit drain hole kind of defeats the whole purpose of using a pump to EASILY replace the lower unit lube oil. Do a Google search and find the proper threaded end to make your maintenance a pain free experience.
  5. That's OK........ I have no desire to catch stinky green fish that taste like a old sock.
  6. I always heard that "Golf" was for those who FAILED at Fishing....... I don't care how many times they make you hit that egg looking thing while playing golf, you still can't eat it when you get home, unlike fishing. I wish more people would take up golf and not tie up the boat launches as most have no idea what they are doing there.
  7. If you want to look at that way, that's up to you. However, most people who rent cabins/cottages/homes along any lake don't even fish. So NO I don't see it that way unless said rental property stipulated you MUST fish while renting said property. I don't know of any property that has that stipulation, do you ? ? ? Now when you pay a fee to enter into a fishing contest on said lake, I would highly assume that person intends on fishing that contest for a PROFIT.
  8. Commercial means making money off some kind of product/service so YES Charter Boat fishing in my eyes is definitely commercial fishing. I also consider TOURNAMENTS as another kind of commercial fishing being exploited by others to take advantage of our natural resources. Large tournament after tournament can help destroy a lakes ability to sustain a species that is being targeted because even in catch and release tournaments a LOT of fish don't survive. Take away the MONEY and this all goes away.
  9. Actually on Lake Erie they have been called "Yellow Pike" because of it's cousin the "Blue Pike" that has now become extinct in Lake Erie and anywhere else they use to swim and I'm NOT referring to a Walleye with a blue coloring. See here for more info on this once GREAT Fish....... http://www.bagheera.com/inthewild/ext_blupike.htm
  10. We have been using a Vacuum Sealer for about 15 years now........we vacuum a LOT of stuff including fish, meats, veggies from the garden, cheese, etc......another item I tried to vacuum but not freeze is CIGARS.......Much better then a humidor IMHO. Now when it comes to bags we only buy ROLLS and make our own bags but we have found the rolls are MUCH CHEAPER on Ebay if you purchase (4) 50' long 8" rolls at one time.
  11. We houseboated 3 times in the Kawarthan's........ First time back in the mid 80's we rented from "Three Buoys" and their boat were FANTASTIC and NEW but they went out of business. Second time we use Egan and had nothing but problems with the frig in the boat. They met us twice and changed it out but that never helped us. It kind of ruined our vacation that week. Third time was Happy Days House Boats. I would rent again from them in a heartbeat...... Plan your vacation in JULY or early AUGUST and you will have great house boating weather........and yes we towed a tin fishing boat behind the house boat....... We used the included lock passes very much as we travel much of the Trent system with the house boat. One warning.......if you want to house boat around and not just tie up somewhere for much of the time, you are going to go thru at least $350 of gasoline. Just figure that cost into the total of your vacation costs. BTW the first time we took the insurance that was recommended on the house boat........but the last two times we declined it and save some big bucks.......read the fine print of the insurance and it's crappola...... http://happydayshouseboats.com/
  12. This is not recommended because of possible CWD within the bones.
  13. Oh ya..........great how the criminal is protected in today's society.
  14. Just use the current conditions to your favor. Heavy winds we drift, light winds we troll.
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