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  1. Wife and I took the Ferry from Tobermory across to Manitoulin then back onto mainland. Have been to Lake Charlton several times, fishing was ok got about 60+ decent bass for the week. Plenty of weather systems coming through which wreaked havoc with the fishing. Lake Carlton Camp is always a great place to stay. Rustic but everything you need and great hosts. Even my wife got into some decent fish. Usual story on the last day found a 12 fish from 13 cast rock pile I had never seen 20 minutes before I had to get off the water to catch the ferry home. 😬
  2. No unfortunately not my son arrived home unexpectedly and wanted to go p north fishing so we did that instead. Had some good bass fishing in grey Bruce area.
  3. Yes checked the regs you are correct it 30 September last day it is one of the few inlets that has not been extended to 31 December. Most of the other were extended this year from 30 Nov to 31 December for stretches 3 to 4kms inland.
  4. Thanks best I check the regs on that before going out.
  5. Thank you so much I have navionics and see it is fairly shallow all the way through. Do you fish there often?
  6. I was wondering if anyone can give me a definitive answer as to whether or not Motor Craft are allowed in Jordan Harbour. I looked on other fishing forums and there are so many conflicting answers. I went out this weekend and took a look, if I launch on the Lake Ontario side and trim my motor the channel is deep enough to get my legend into the harbour. The only motor craft I could see was a small boat with motor tied to a dock on the far side of the harbour. With The salmon running soon was hoping to pull an all nighter there as they will run through the channel. Thanks in advance.
  7. Try post it on a yachting site too they are always after smaller long shaft motors especially electric start.
  8. I still regularly catch 4lbs+ fish on the lake had 8 over 3.5lbs on opening day this year. But I agree the fishing pressure is starting to show. However there are still tons of crays and bait fish if only we had fewer fishermen practicing fillet and release. He police came out on opening day flak jackets and all drove their boat behind the island and sat there for 2 hours. Didn’t see them check a single boat.
  9. As they say fish are only the bonus. Struggled on lake Eugenia too but went ultra light and managed a few on dropshot. They were just sitting with it in their mouth. All the rain the pressure has been like a yo-yo.
  10. Thanks appreciate the quick response. Maybe I start searching variations of flutter bugs.
  11. I got this lure in a batch of vintage lures from a gentleman in Waterloo but have not been able to identify it. Would appreciate any info on what it is who made it and circa? thanks in anticipation
  12. I have heard unofficially that there is a strong possibility with the current public space lockdowns that public boat launches are included and may not be open in time for opening if bass season 27th June. Has anyone heard if fact or fiction?
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