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  1. Hi still have that Curado K?


  2. lol oops meant wacky rigged senkos!
  3. Up at Lake of Bays this week, smallies were hitting Pop Rs and wacky rigged seniors when things got slow. Huge body of water and I know why it's called Lake of BAYS lol.
  4. Cant wait for Haliburton Muskies. Mean and ferocious and Kashagawigamog!!!!
  5. I still have a bunch of the original Muskol and Deep Woods Off with 100% Deet, this stuff is like gold when my buddies only have the light stuff. All come crawling with open hands< please fix me up lolol!!
  6. Next will be a rod that can cast itself, reel, set the hook and land the fish all while having a cold one lol!
  7. Those are the trips you talk about for life!
  8. NIce pic, maybe came too close to a musky!!!!!
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