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  1. Starting today, you can download this free app for your IPhone or your Android Phone. The app name is Rapala Lure Selector App. Click link below for IPhone user : https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rapala-lure-selector/id950270570?mt=8 click link below for Android user : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rapala.lures&hl=en Enjoy Aan
  2. My apology for the mistaked. That dam and the fish ladder is not own from CRAA, but belong to MNR. Like Joseph said.
  3. Craa have the fish ladder also dam at Kraft property, where after the fish ladder, Craa bring all the fish up to Norvall for hatchery and release back above the Norvall. That a lot of barricade to stop the fish go up stream all the way to Norval, and above Norval all the way to Caledon. So far I know, Atlantic need cold water for the spawning, and the credit below Norval is not cold enough for Atlantic spawning. I see every years at CRAA statistic for Atlantic Salmon, have increase the return back at Credit, but most of the Atlantic is from hatchery, and not natural reproduction. Due the shallow water on the credit, and a lot of barricade all long the credit, that make hard time for Salmon and trout go up stream for spawning, special for Atlantic. I do believe this petition is not for Chinook only, but also for Atlantic, Brown, Steelhead, and other species.
  4. canliq


    Ouch... Lot of pain. I saw on youtube how to remove the hook,
  5. go to Maui Jims, They have over your glasses and the best polarized glasses I ever have.
  6. Got this link from other forum. Where need support for all members for the petition to open Credit River for Natural reproduction for Salmon and Trout. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-our-salmon-open-the-credit-river.html.
  7. Henry always busy guy, Most of the fishing film made in Florida, only a few from his show in Canada. I did once when in Florida with his show.
  8. Brian, Italo will make another show at Simcoe for ice fishing this coming season.
  9. Congratulation Regan for meeting with Italo. How you feel when do the show together with Italo ? I did once back to 7 years ago, when he made the show at Simcoe. That was amazing experience I ever have, Also another person is Henry Waszxzuk, I did fish together with him at Florida for his show. I wish can get invitation again from Italo for his tv show. I did almost every years with him and Pat Pagano at Windsor ICHA fishing derby.
  10. Congratulation Brian for your new ride. Now you can put your toon in the trunk without need to deflate. Also you can carry a kayak with that truck. .
  11. For now, I do believe almost all kawartha lake have pike , and only a few of them have musky.
  12. Davey, give me a shout if you going around Simcoe. Usually I go at kawartha area.
  13. Nice catch, Doug. Erie walleye is best fishery also from Quinte. Also love for Smallies and perch.
  14. Nice fish, I still work out for my PB on kayak.
  15. What kayak are you using it ? I used Nucanoe Frontier, and I still used G27, but I'm using 30Lbs thrust. Also have 55 Lbs thrust. The AGM group 31, can give you the same hours used when you using with low speed, but if you used on full speed will drain your battery faster. From other forum (Nucanoe), a lot of people using AGM group 31, due compact size, but still a lot of people still keep using the regular Deep cycle battery from G27. The only Benefit from AGM, you don't need to worry the liquid drip out from the battery, but the price is more expensive. For me, I still keep using the regular Deep Cycle battery from G27, or I used bigger battery for my 55 Lbs thrust.
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