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  1. I was wondering if anyone here knows whether the Pond at Centennial Park in Etobicoke is permitted for fishing. I heard conflicting reports that it is a wildlife habitat and prohibited for fishing. Others have said that people are allowed to fish there. Does anyone know whether this pond is open or closed for fishing?
  2. Thanks this is useful. Some spots are off-target though.
  3. Does anyone here know whether the Grand River between Dunnville and Port Maitland has completely thawed out right now and is ready for regular fishing? Also, what kinds of fish species can you catch at the Grand during the early Spring season? Thanks.
  4. I'm looking for a river system in southern Ontario that hasn't freezed over yet. Does anyone know any places where the water still maintains liquid form throughout the winter? How is the Grand River near the Dunnville Dam right now?
  5. I've never tried ice fishing before, but I would like to try this winter. However, what time of the year does the ice become stable enough in southern Ontario for ice fishing to be safe? Thanks.
  6. I am still feeling the fishing fever from the summer and I still need to wet my line here and there. I was wondering, though, what kinds of non-salmonid species are easy to catch during the fall season?
  7. I know that Puslinch Lake (near Cambridge) is surrounded by private property. But I was wondering if anyone here knows of any public access points along the shore to fish.
  8. Nice sturgeon. Too bad MNR prohibits taking even ONE sturgeon throughout the whole year.
  9. Whenever I passed by Dunnville, there were people catching good sized channels in the warmer temperature days. Now, people are getting skunked as the water temperature cools.
  10. Nothing. I was just curious. Why don't you give me a break bbm. If you don't like my threads don't read them.
  11. I've never been charged by an MNR officer, I do fish legally with a license, and never had my fishing equipment confiscated. I am just curious however where your fishing equipment goes once a MNR officer confiscates it after you violate a serious fishing law. Also, once they do take your equipment is there no chance in hell of getting it back? Just wondering.
  12. I recently cooked up two very large channel catfish fillets that I caught off the Grand River not too long ago. The only problem was that the flesh literally felt like rubber. No way I could sink my teeth into it. Does anyone know why the larger the channel catfish the more rubbery the flesh becomes when cooked? Thanks.
  13. Has anyone tried fishing in the mouth of the Notty River in Wasaga Beach? Besides the seasonal salmon or trout, what can kinds of fish species have you caught there if you have fished there? I'm thinking of dipping my line there before the weather gets too cold. Thanks.
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