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  1. I think that's awesome! Given the opportunity i would do it in a heartbeat.
  2. As I walked through the stupid store one day with my gf i couldnt believe how expensive everything was. Zellers had much better prices, too bad they couldnt figure it out
  3. For some reason i dont think they are going to have American prices. If anything it will be very similar to one in Manitoba (price wise) Target didnt bring their prices from the south of the border, i doubt these guys will. I hope i am wrong though
  4. Way to man up and go. October nights can get chilly! Awesome report ! Mississippi River has some awesome bass fishing for sure never pulled a walleye out of it
  5. That was my exact expression when i first found out about the list last year on another board. With the backwood lakes...further away from the road the better. The good ones you usually cant drive to. Look for drop offs....rocks they can "suntan" on....trees in the water. Panther Martins tipped with worms or minnows are my go to baits
  6. TIps for fishing new bodies of water....its what usually works for me. Double blade baits, for some reason bass really like white ones. Spinners sizes 1-5 (mepps -Panther Martin - Blue fox) Again white, gold, silver, silver-pink, silver-blue. I`ve caught bass and pike on almost all of them. If you are fishing early morning you can try top water baits. Poppers work really well on some mornings for small and large mouths. Move around and change it up until you start getting hits. Try to find weed edges if you can. Jig heads with gulp minnows (3-4) inches are a deadly bait for walley. You can always "cheat" and tip it with a live minnow or a piece of a worm Good luck!
  7. Awesome report! I fished Kipawa for about 3 summers in a row and its a great fishery. A very good friend of mine owns a lodge up that way. Its a special place....impossible for me to get drunk up there for some reason. I plan on going back at least once this summer and once in the fall. And yes there are some HUGE pike there. Quick story: One morning we are eating breakfast on the dock and we see a school of fall fish swim right underneath us. So i jokingly say watch a big pike come out now. There is a big rock about 10 feet away and what do you know a monster comes from right behind and torpedoes right through the school. It was awesome to see
  8. Here is a stupid question Is there a reason why Cabelas havent built a warehouse and a store in GTA somewhere? Seems more logical then Buffalo.
  9. Morning guys! Hopefully everybody is having a nice long weekend. I am off to work in few minutes but wanted to post a report first. Went out yesterday for a few hrs after work down by the Dows lake and managed to get a nice one. 19lb right on and a nice fight. I put on a show for a few kids fishing there and their parents lol Here are few pics...got it on a hair rig with a feeder Tight lines and stay safe Marko
  10. So jelaous buddy...so jelaous. Nice fish!
  11. I also saw a guy the same day getting fined for walking on the train tracks. He was none to happy about it. As we were walkin towards the creek CO was there in his pick up and told us to stay off the train tracks. Apperantly this year they started fining people for that
  12. When i drove by last saturday there were about 6 guys fishing under the bridge.....and that bridge isnt all that wide lol my mom hates me serves them right
  13. Its usually really shallow in the spring. Last year i went there there were carp inside coots bay everywhere. Yes there are pike in as well. I watched those guys few times throw bass-pike in coots bay while carp and bows went back to the lake side. If i were you i would fish the mouth of the canal i really dont know that you have enough water in the bay
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