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  1. Will give that a try tonight. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, haven't been on here in forever, so first of all hello to everyone. I need some help. Started my Yamaha F20 this year and no water was "peeing out". I tried to clear any obstruction around the hole and nothing. I took the lower unit off and replaced the impeller (old one looked fine) and still nothing. When I start the motor, I can tell it is pumping because the water is being forced out through where the lower unit and top end join. The only thing I can think of is that the water pump housing is leaking? Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, it has been a long time since I have been on here (not sure why, but feels good to be checking in). Let me start by saying Happy New Year to everyone! I am looking for recommendation on a family cottage resort within a few hours of Toronto. It would be myself and my 3 boys (13, 11 and 9). Some of things I am ideally looking for are: Ample shore and/or dock fishing for pan fish (my boys can literally fish all day, so action is a must) Activities within the park (pool, playground, games, paddle boats, etc.) T.V. is nice for the bad weather days Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Hi all. It's been a long time since I have been on here, so first....HELLO! I am looking to book a cottage / cabin in the Kawarthas for myself and my 3 boys (9, 8 and 5) in July, and am looking for some recommendations. Here is what I am looking for: Under $1,000 for a week Good dock fishing (wont be bringing my boat, but my boys are happy with panfish) Family oriented Swimming Bonuses (not deal breakers) Kids activities Playground Place to ride bikes TV for rainy days I have been saving for this trip for a year, so don't want to just book something because it looked good online. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Nice job!!! I assume it wasnt expanding foam...or if it was, how did you contain it from flowing over? Also...what did you use? Mind sharing cost and where you got it?
  6. Will be redoing the boat in the spring and am wondering about flotation foam. A lot of different opinions out there....pink board style foam from Home Depot or 2 part expanding foam. Looking for some opinions. I have a 14 ft Princecraft Fisherman. Thanks in advance!!
  7. French as in French River. If you want an awesome trip, talk to Mike Borger on this site....he will hook you up.
  8. Not to diss your trip....any trip brings memories beyond fish caught...but those are really low numbers. I can match that walleye count and surpass it in a week by myself on the French. Glad to hear some of your other trips have been more successful
  9. All great suggestions! Thanks! Will let you know where we go and how we make out
  10. Ok...bluegill would be great for them. Thanks!
  11. Ok...bluegill would be great for them. Thanks!
  12. Thinking of taking my 3 boys there this weekend camping. Cant find anything about the fishing there on the net. Panfish for them would be great Anyone have any info or recommendations for another spot close to Brampton / Oakville area?
  13. As you can probably tell from my recent posts I am researching on re-doing my boat. Anyone had experience with Ducan paint on flooring? http://www.homedepot.ca/know-how/buying-guides/ducan
  14. Hi there, looking for some resources info. So much conflicting info I have read, looking for advice from someone who has done it. 14ft Princecraft Fisherman Lx. Want to paint inside and outside hull. Cost is key factor....cheaper the better. I am good with hard work. I dont need a new boat "mirror finish", but want it to look good and most of all be durable. Thanks in advance!
  15. Based out of Ottawa http://www.cabinkits.ca/sample1.htm
  16. Its not the length that matters...its how you use it
  17. I fish that area a lot. Never later than mid September, but at that time, the fish will be on the feed. Look for shoals. 10 ft to 40 ft within 50 yards. Slow troll a worm harness criss crossing the area or anchor in the spot where it drops to 30+ and use a drop shot.
  18. Using the 1 ounce per 10ft of water rule, if I am fishing 20 ft with a 2 ounce and move to 30 ft, is there an easy way to add a 1 ounce that can be removed just as easily? Thanks in advance!
  19. Want to be clear....I was in the wrong here...but it was a wake up call for me. I am a very experienced boater and take boat safety very seriously.
  20. Totally agree!!! She was just so low profile...it scared the crap outta me. I wasnt cautioning her cause she did something wrong...just cautioning her that for her safety she should stay to the side. A bass boat ripping along wouldnt have time.
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