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Hello everyone. New here to the forum, but would greatly appreciate any insight! 

I spent most of my childhood going to Bob’s Lake in Frontenac Co. for an annual fishing trip. Time progressed and it has been quite some time since I have been back. My family and I fished in Quebec this past week and it left us missing the type of fishing we had at Bob’s Lake. The fishing was great on Lake Kipawa but it was almost exclusively jigging, trolling or bobber fishing. Very focused on pickerel only. We missed casting the shore line and all the rock bass, bass, and pike we were accustom to. It seems that Bob’s Lake has gotten pretty developed since we were there last in 2006 - had a tough time finding places in our comfort zone on price. 

Would anyone be willing to contribute or recommend some lakes/lodges in Ontario that would be more similar to what we experienced at Bob’s Lake? I have been reading and trying to learn, I was thinking possibly Weslemkoon, Big Gull, or Kashawakamak may provide better results working shorelines. Any thoughts or insight here? 

Thank you I’m advance to anyone willing to shed some light! 

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