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Finally some Eye's for Archie (no pics though :( )

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I've been worked about 55 out of the last 60 days in the last couple weeks so I haven't been on OFC much lately, and well I haven't been getting any fish when I go out!! I've been busting my brain trying to figure out St. Marys River fishing and i'ts really breaking me.So I said screw it and me and my dad headed to a local fave lake around 6pm tonight in search of eye's. Can't find my camera so you guys are outta luck on the pics :(.


Caught 10 eye's between 17-20" all nice eaters, kept 3 for my stomach along with a nice 5ish pound pike that decided he wanted to interupt my relaxing Walleye fish. All were caught from 7:30pm-10:00pm in about 6-15 feet of WARM water.


I popped chartreuse jigs with dace minnows and got 2 eye's. My dad hammered the rest of them with a perch colorado bladed worm harness with 4" Berkley GULP blach shad...god I love GULP!


And just to top it off...since my buddy was supposed to go across the river to fetch my new custom St.Croix Legend Walleye with REC recoil guides and he FAILED to...I took his Legend Walleye 6'3" Med Xfast and popped it's cherry by landing those two eye's :thumbsup_anim: ...needless to say, he's a bit upset :asshat:

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