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Fishing the Grand River

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Hi again.

This might be a bit of a small cross section of the group, but I have a question about fishing the Grand River between Caledonia and Middleport.

I am interested in this section as it is close to home and deep enough to fish from the boat. My questions are as follows:

1. Does sonar work in this shallow and rather brown water (even if only for depth finding)?

2. Is trolling a good method of fishing this section (at least until you find a hole)?

3. How well do crank baits work in this colour of water (or is live or power bait better)?

Thanks in advance for anything that you can offer.


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Fisfinders work fine, no mater the water colour.


Trolling is okay in a few spots above the dam in Caledonia, tougher in other spots due to how shallow it gets in spots.


Look for the holes - 10 to 13 feet, verticle jigging works best. I like white 5" twisters with 1/2 oz Orange Jig Heads.


Good luck,


The fish are plenty if you key in on the right spots. The Grand is a great piece of water to explore.

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