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Found 5 results

  1. I tried 'search', but surprisingly I didn't find anything. To introduce myself, I'm an 80 year old who began fishing in Lake of the Woods when I was a ripe ten year old boy. First cast from the bank at Frolander's Camp I pulled in a nice walleye. From that point forward Canada's been my favorite place to fish. I've been lucky enough to have fished (long ago) Knee Lake, and more recently Great Slave and Scott Lake. I've probably been spoiled as far as catching a lot of nice northerns go, but I still have yet to pull in anything bigger than 45 inches. My two sons want to go with me this coming season and experience good fishing for maybe one last time (a lot of my schoolmates have either died or given up fishing). I'm strapped to decide where to go. I'm no longer a wage-earner so don't have the long green it takes to go to Manitoba or Saskatchewan. I live in Florida now so am restricting my choices to Ontario. Could some of you recommend where to go on an American Plan (I thought we could go to an outpost camp, but my sons don't want to have to fool with cooking). Also, it would be good to be with a guide with a decent boat to fish three anglers. Could some of you impart a little information on your favorite lodges? I've looked at some on Lac Seul, and I'm also considering the east side of Georgian Bay as some expert mentioned it as a likely spot to catch big northerns. Our calendar is open. Anytime from May through August, but I find that in August it's hard to find northerns up shallow. Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me.
  2. For anyone who liked my backlake fishing reports in the past here, I have a YouTube channel for documenting our adventures now. Our first serious video was uploaded today (our first upload was just a quick trial run). We fish 3 lakes in one day, catching brook trout, lake trout, smallies, and pike and enjoy a killer shore lunch breakfast. We're not professionals but we're both happy with the outcome, hopefully some of you will enjoy!
  3. Good morning OFC. Never thought I would be putting together a report that entails Lake Trout but here it goes. I took the last week of September off and rented a awesome little cottage with the family. Prior to leaving I was setup with a nice lead core setup and a pile of spoons as the lake's I've fished for years hold beauty trout in them always knew it just needed to continue to break down the bass year after year. First day of the trip we pulled in and the lake clearly had turned over or was about to. Water was green some sections it was brown very wild conditions and the ultra low water didn't help. Pulled in and ran some water almost came up empty a few small pike and a decent bass. Decent Largemouth Mom's turn That afternoon I put my line down for a troll going 1.4-1.9mph trolling Vision 110+1 jerk baits deep anywhere from 40-100FOW. First hookup and trout I've caught from these lakes was excited as hell and it got crazy from there! End of that day the lake went flat couldn't resist some topwater smallies before putting all the bass gear away for the next morning in search of big Lakers! And another big smallmouth little over 4lbs. Not a PB but glad to have her! New Personal Best for my little brother. 4lb's 5oz he was excited as hell! I went shallow later that day and found a couple of these nice critters! Next morning was the start of my Lake Trout week in my eyes. Number 1 before the first sip of coffee. Then I got spoiled with this big girl! Such a fun fight. The setup was 9-12 colours of lead core trolling those Megabass jerk baits the smallies usually enjoy. Also ran a bottom bounder 200' back with a small shallow runner above. Not the "standard" but worked for me! Next day we got into more! This time my Personal Best Lake Trout was on the line 12-15min fight lot's of bubbles and every fish kicked back strong and healthy. I'll keep one next summer but for this round we let em go so they can grow! Jaws And another as the sun came up! Solid solid fish Smaller but great fun really had figured them out for a couple days. The tough days were 1 or 2 fish outings lot's of dinks in between The stare down Promised my brother his first trout. He isn't huge on fishing but will jump in the boat 2 or 3 time a trip. Was happy for him he enjoyed every second. Trolling with the tunes on made it better Another morning another tight line! They were on "Pink" colours baits deep. The GLX Northern Reaction was the best bait this week colour wise. My second biggest from this pond so far. Can't wait to break 15+lbs and battle a trophy Release shot. Such thick fish across the back Finally some afternoon action Different colours on this one very cool Finessing these fish was something that took time. My hooks were fine wire and bend slightly often so going to modify the tackle for next season. Happy to catch every one the fish moved shallower once weather came in rather than deeper. Smaller darker trout. This one gave me a scare at the boat as she got hung up on the motor We had a blast this week! Setup was 15lb lead core on a Okuma Cold Water 8'M power rod. We had 20 colours but only needed that 9-12 mentioned earlier. Leader was 10lb Fluorocarbon. The second setup was 50lb braided line to a 1oz bottom bouncer and a 4ft 10lb fluoro leader behind it. Can't wait to get back in 2017 for some largies smallies and lake trout. Tightlines! MTBF GoPro Edit https://youtu.be/4rGbXsgAbdM
  4. Hello again everybody here on OFC. It's report time I just got in the door a few hours ago and wanted to post a report on a pretty successful fishing trip. My mom, grandma, little brother and I headed out mid day last Friday for Northern Ontario to mainly kick back, relax and for me FISHING!!! I got out a total of 11 times. Once for a hour and a bit Friday evening and then managed to get 8-9 hours in on the lake every day even when the wind and rain came up mid week. The funny thing about this September was for me personally I did much better in the mornings when it came to numbers than the afternoons. Evenings sucked for me but I managed to keep a steady catching rythem going most outings. This year the bass were caught on a smaller variety of baits. First was a 3/4oz Stand-Up style flipping jig with a Texas-Rig Jig trailer on the back, I used this to pitch to visible deep weed as I dont have a fishfinder yet so tend to be a very visual angler when it comes to finding bass....got to haha. Nichols 1/2oz Pearl White Spinnerbait, a Pearl Swinging Hammer both texas rigged and cut down 1" and put on a 1/2oz Swim Jig was good for covering shallower weed and cover. The 3.5" TRJ simply texas rigged and and with both a 1/2 and 3/8oz weight I used just twice this trip pitching some shallow mat's under the sun. Other than those baits I didn't get to do the finesse fishing I wanted, no froggin either. The jerkbait picked up just one photo worthy smallie in the early hours. I tended to change gears to largemouth once I got dialed in on the pattern. On with the photo's. First evening best fish for the time I had, covered a flat and found a couple largies. First cast, smallie blew up on the spinnerbait. Straightened it out was blown away, caught a few dozen Largies this week only bent them left or right slightly. Power these fish have. Going to find a 5lbr up here one day. My mom taking shots with the camera. This captures the morning in it's beauty. Haven't missed a morning on my trips in 4 years of taking fishing trips. Love this part of the day. Good fish out deep, love the rush these fish give you. Got into a foot of water maybe 2 at best first afternoon. Sun was out temps were hot was fun to see some mat's lift up. No giants but this was the better bite a little after lunch. Fat bass from the deep weedline. Love hearing that Fluoro slice the water on the hookset. 3/4oz Jig didn't seem to slow them down they were on it this trip. Filler fish are present throughout the days, haha obviously I wasn't very impressed but can't complain Nice largemouth early on. Fished these with the trailer hook all week but all the bass seemed to of always had front or both hooks in them. Was a fun bite never really got on a good blade bite up here. Good largemouth on the jig. 2lbr, fun fight but no bragger. Still better wake up than a cup of coffe. Catch and Release. Love seeing these guys swim back strong and healthy. Another afternoon another good largemouth. Fished deep first then tried some pad edges later on. My big fish of the trip. Pitching the TRJ to the pads. Only bite in the entire stretch but was the right bite. Little action shot, Largies out deep on the jerkbait. Smallmouth. Wasn't my year for numbers but I did get a few this trip. Largemouth after breakfast. The 2 days of Spinnerbait/Swimbait madness began. Fairly warm and overcast, perfect conditions. One of many small Pike. 3 or 4 each day lost 2 baits this trip didn't totally break the bank...we wont talk about August I wasn't to impressed. 2lbr, fun on the jig as always Time for the bigger bass to play. Another pike, not super long but good fight. This was my morning wake up the next day. Love that Swinging Hammer/Swim Jig combo, lot's of confidence now. Things didn't come together for my on my last morning Wednesday. Only got 1 bass that morning so we changed up from the big jig's and blade baits and came up with a new plan. Great largie to save my morning. Went out on my only solo mission of the trip. My mom was out for most trips taking pictures and fishing along side me. Always nice to hang out once a year. Brought back my best pair for the afternoon. Still was a tough bite but cut the weight in half and went to a 3/8oz TRJ no rattle just texas rigged and pitched as much cover as I could find. Got 4 decent bites these were my best 2. Ended off on a good note. As seen I had my GoPro on 95% of the trip when battery would allow. I will be posting a video hopefully in the coming weeks of all the action and hooksets. Thanks for viewing everybody hope you enjoyed the pictures. Tightlines and enjoy the fall everybody! MTBF
  5. I've been seeing some pretty cool videos posted by our members. I can't wait to try out my Go-Pro on the ice. Here's a compilation of my late summer and early fall adventures. Is it too early to say that I can't wait for spring!!!!
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