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Found 9 results

  1. I've just fished a couple of tournaments out on Lake Ontario & Lake Erie and I have to say I'm so impressed with the size of these Smallmouth Bass out there. A pretty obvious reason for the rapid growth of these fish has been the introduction of round gobies. The Smallmouth that I'm holding in my right hand is one of the deepest Great Lakes fish that I've ever caught and she coughed up the two gobies in the other picture. For reference, I placed a Z-Man 5" Grass Kicker swimbait in the photo with them. It's going to interesting how things play out in the long run with these invasive species, from an angler's perspective, I definitely believe that round gobies and zebra mussels have had a positive effect on Smallmouth Bass growth rates. Just wondering what other's thought are on this matter!
  2. For anyone who liked my backlake fishing reports in the past here, I have a YouTube channel for documenting our adventures now. Our first serious video was uploaded today (our first upload was just a quick trial run). We fish 3 lakes in one day, catching brook trout, lake trout, smallies, and pike and enjoy a killer shore lunch breakfast. We're not professionals but we're both happy with the outcome, hopefully some of you will enjoy!
  3. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Just landed from a 2 week trip to my favourite lakes in Eastern Ontario. Each year we make these trips and catch some great fish. Last season we broke 5lbs and this trip we broke it twice and crept so close to 6lbs. I landed a half dozen 4lb class fish and even got my Dad, Papa and Uncle out for there first Laker's. What a blast is a understatement! The trip started with dept's 2-3' above normal with wicked current from rain's back in early August. The bite shallow was great as bays with 1-2' of water had 4-5' of depth. I struck out with the biggest of the trip on day 1 using as always my PTL Plastics. The swim jig (1/2oz) with the 4.8" swinging hammer cut down 1" in length caught 5% of the fish. The same swimbait texas rigged caught the other 5% and 90% of this trip was pitching my little Texas-Rig Jig craw. The jig bite was crap so I pitched the craw in deep weed for the first time and it was flawless. Water dropped 3-4 days into the trip and it fell quick 2.5-3' to be exact. I followed the fish to the deep weed and fished as many miles as I could. Enjoy the pics guys, I'll post part 1 of my 3 part series below and well add the next and the next to the thread as I release them on YouTube. Big fish of the trip Second shot of the beast little over 5-1/2lbs Second biggest of the trip little smaller by 2 ounces. Longer fish however. Second shot of the second beast! High 4lbr 2 ounces under 5 such a wicked trip cant put it into words Mid 4lbr off rock/weed kinda banks Last day of the trip cracked a 4-1/2lbr on that TRJ. Smallmouth were tricky but the morning bite was stupid for me. Back's of bays mid lake humps. All I could do is cast around schooling baitfish on the surface and the smallies were there. 90% on the Vision 110+1 and a couple fish on the Dog-X Speed Slide topwater. Lot's of fun got to put em in the livewell or the school spooks and it's a 1 fish scene. Had some great mornings 6-8am kinda action 4lbs 5oz and a low to mid 3lbr best 2 out of the 3 or 4 we got that half hour. Big fish one morning little over 4lbs Another pair not 4's but beauty's none the less! Another piggy topwater if I remember correctly Dad's biggest of the trip, his first 4lb smallie was stoked for him. Couple largies Dad caught thru the trip. Was a tough go no frog water for the boys this year but they picked up a few behind me! He loves the swim jig always produces for him. And another! More beautiful deep weedline largemouth Another 30' down and another small tank Lake Trout time. My goal was to taste a lake trout for the first time and get one on the line for my Papa, Uncle and Dad. My papa has health issues and couldn't reel his in but he got to enjoy the fight and see the fish. All 4 times I went out I got 1 or 2 fish all kicked back strong and fast and every one let out air on the way up. Fish were caught all on Lead Core 50-70' down and every fish was mixed into schools of bait. What a blast these fish are glad I gave it a go a handful of times! My Papa's fish I just fought it out. Keep your health guys it's all we have. Dad's Uncle's And 1 more for me Back to the bass here was a even 4-0 on the TRJ. Never got a bite deeper than 11' most fish were 6-9' deep shallower weedlines seemed to produce best. If you had a bay behind ya it was a guarantee fish would pull to the edge as the water fell. Morning piggy on the swimbait Here is the video I posted this evening. Part 1 of a 3 part series Part 2 Part 3 LakeTrout Thanks for reading and checking out the report everybody! It was a exciting 13 days out there. I'll post the next 2 video's in the coming 2 weeks as they are released. Tightlines and go bassin it's been on fire! MTBF
  4. Good morning everybody! It's been a long fall, winter, and spring but summer is here and my first trip away is in the books! Opening day a good friend of mine was invited to come along for a week of bass fishing on my favourite lakes in Eastern Ontario. I'll stick to my pictures on this report. My buddy had a blast caught his first fish punching & frogging the heavy cover. Don't think he broke 4 but stung quality 2-3lbr's all week. This week had it's challenges I didn't get bite on a Spinnerbait, Swimjig, Frog, Flipping Jig, Deep Cranks, it was a different game when we showed up. Temp wise we started the week with temps in the mid 70's touching 80 on opening day. Thru the week however I found temps dropped at the lowest mid day finding 69 and the warmest touching 78. It seems like 72-78 was the general temperature most days depending on the wind and rain. Pitching a 1/2oz weight above my go-to plastic's was the ticket on the edges of cover. When we went in punching all I needed was the 1oz tungsten, a punch skirt and my other go-to soft plastic. 2 fish on a swinging hammer this week only in the rain thru pad fields. For hardbait's it was a 1-2 punch. Work the (jerk bait) Vision 110+1 out deep or in the sun and work the (finesse spook) Dog-X Speed Slide thru the darker areas or shade lines mid day. Enjoy the pictures and please watch the video at the end. It's not a "sponsor plug" yet a view of our journey Tuesday-Friday Night of the week(didn't film every day sadly). My go to bait's this week were as follows: -Vision 110+1 (Megabass Sexy Shad) -Dog-X Speed Slide (White Python) -4.5" PowerTeam Lures Bully Grass Devil (1oz) (4/0 Punch Hook) -3.5" PowerTeam Lures Texas-Rig Jig (1/2oz) (5/0 EWG+ Hook) Opening day bucket! We showed up at 1pm had this guy in the boat by 3 or 4pm. Great way to start the week but a 1 bite outing for me. Chunky low to high 3lbr's better than average was happy for another decent bite. First 4lb+ of the week swallowed the 110 at the bow-mount jumping straight at me was a wicked scrap! We followed rock wall/rocky banks in the early hours following small "bedroom sized" balls of bait. They would flicker on the surface we would slide in with a 1-2 punch for the kill. Had some incredible numbers some mornings with a 13-16" average. Pop belly pig's we were catching thankfully we got this big one prior to hitting the schooling bait. Decent chunk from the heavy cover. Sight fish just snuck past a log jam and saw her swim out at nothing it looked. 2 seconds later she was on 3 seconds after that she was in the boat. Got it on go pro dink but happy to have her. Beautiful morning Smallmouth. Didn't get onto these very much this week, once i had a taste that evening I made sure to walk the Dog-X Speed Slide around and picked up two more mid 3lbr's cast after cast. Fish #1 Fish #2 Lot of these this week. 2lb chunk's Ended up fishing a small club tournament on a nearby lake. 19 fully rigged bass boat's showed up we were the little guy. Managed to catch 11.98lbs (not impressed bow mount died mid day didn't help) and take 7th place. 16lb's won that day something that still didn't impress me. Hopefully well get into more come next summer or this August coming. Towards the end of the week we fished more new water and caught both smallmouth and largemouth on it. Here is a decent smallie once again. Big fish of the week. Not a 5 but happy to have her. Also made the GoPro edit! And last but not least ladies and gent's check out this edit I put together. 3 cameras and a lot of time. Was a blast. Next report will be on my 2 week trip this coming August! Bass Opening Week 2017 Tightlines, MTBF
  5. Good morning OFC. Never thought I would be putting together a report that entails Lake Trout but here it goes. I took the last week of September off and rented a awesome little cottage with the family. Prior to leaving I was setup with a nice lead core setup and a pile of spoons as the lake's I've fished for years hold beauty trout in them always knew it just needed to continue to break down the bass year after year. First day of the trip we pulled in and the lake clearly had turned over or was about to. Water was green some sections it was brown very wild conditions and the ultra low water didn't help. Pulled in and ran some water almost came up empty a few small pike and a decent bass. Decent Largemouth Mom's turn That afternoon I put my line down for a troll going 1.4-1.9mph trolling Vision 110+1 jerk baits deep anywhere from 40-100FOW. First hookup and trout I've caught from these lakes was excited as hell and it got crazy from there! End of that day the lake went flat couldn't resist some topwater smallies before putting all the bass gear away for the next morning in search of big Lakers! And another big smallmouth little over 4lbs. Not a PB but glad to have her! New Personal Best for my little brother. 4lb's 5oz he was excited as hell! I went shallow later that day and found a couple of these nice critters! Next morning was the start of my Lake Trout week in my eyes. Number 1 before the first sip of coffee. Then I got spoiled with this big girl! Such a fun fight. The setup was 9-12 colours of lead core trolling those Megabass jerk baits the smallies usually enjoy. Also ran a bottom bounder 200' back with a small shallow runner above. Not the "standard" but worked for me! Next day we got into more! This time my Personal Best Lake Trout was on the line 12-15min fight lot's of bubbles and every fish kicked back strong and healthy. I'll keep one next summer but for this round we let em go so they can grow! Jaws And another as the sun came up! Solid solid fish Smaller but great fun really had figured them out for a couple days. The tough days were 1 or 2 fish outings lot's of dinks in between The stare down Promised my brother his first trout. He isn't huge on fishing but will jump in the boat 2 or 3 time a trip. Was happy for him he enjoyed every second. Trolling with the tunes on made it better Another morning another tight line! They were on "Pink" colours baits deep. The GLX Northern Reaction was the best bait this week colour wise. My second biggest from this pond so far. Can't wait to break 15+lbs and battle a trophy Release shot. Such thick fish across the back Finally some afternoon action Different colours on this one very cool Finessing these fish was something that took time. My hooks were fine wire and bend slightly often so going to modify the tackle for next season. Happy to catch every one the fish moved shallower once weather came in rather than deeper. Smaller darker trout. This one gave me a scare at the boat as she got hung up on the motor We had a blast this week! Setup was 15lb lead core on a Okuma Cold Water 8'M power rod. We had 20 colours but only needed that 9-12 mentioned earlier. Leader was 10lb Fluorocarbon. The second setup was 50lb braided line to a 1oz bottom bouncer and a 4ft 10lb fluoro leader behind it. Can't wait to get back in 2017 for some largies smallies and lake trout. Tightlines! MTBF GoPro Edit https://youtu.be/4rGbXsgAbdM
  6. Hello everybody once again on OFC. It's always a fun to sit back after a great week of camping and fishing in North Eastern Ontario. Weather was hot for day 1 then it cooled off for 2 days slightly. After that temps were cranked as I'm sure many of you already know. Water temps started at 74-80 degrees and rose to 80-89 degrees. Water levels were also very low so my shallow frog bite I was hoping for was gone. I did manage to get a few fish pitching the TRJ in the pads and however 95% of everything else came on a 3/4oz and a 1oz flipping jig. Couple jerk bait fish as well through the week but only one of decent size. We had engine issues with my rope start, got things fixed up the next day but lose a evening and fished with the electric for a morning found a pair of smallies no braggers but still didn't want to waste a hour or two on the lake. Enjoy the pictures, was a tough bite for my dad this week he did manage some small ones and 2 decent fish. Weather sucked on the way home all of our tents and camping gear came back soaked as we packed up in the rain. Lot's to do tomorrow drying everything out and the usually work after a camping trip. Day 1 I was invited out to fish a small tournament with a couple of guys. First was 16lbs last was 10lbs I had 14.88 for 5 if I remember correctly. 4 good ones I caught and a dink we couldn't get rid of before 2pm. Later in the evening the bite slowed found a couple smaller largies. Next day was tough started searching the "spots" found some nice fish and one of the bigger largies of the week. Got to love that pitch into the pads then the mean fish that jets out to the boat. Was a fun fight managed to get it on the GoPro Great way to wake up in the morning. Caught smaller fish every morning finally a nice smallie took the jerk bait. Solid fish gonna be huge one day very healthy. Morning Jig bite. Smallmouth on the jig. Unreal fight managed to swing this one in as it jumped beside the boat. As always we found a bowfin. Fun fight but still a drag when bass fishing. Lot's of smaller fish shallow found this 3 later on. Decided to abandon the pattern and switch to just the deep weed and banks. My trip down the bank out front of camp before making a coffee and getting the motor fixed. No braggers but glad to be out. Finally got onto some deep main lake fish. Produced just a few the first day but next day we had a blast for 2 hours putting about 10 in the boat on the jig. Dad found some on his 10" worm as well. One for dad The next day when we hit the spot took a few pics 1 big one but solid fun. Another Loving the jig bite The reward for sticking around Dad enjoyed one big fish also Last 2 days were the hottest and the toughest. Wish I got to fish today when the temp dropped and the rain came but good test to my patience and man did i drink water. Another chunk happy to get a bite Little better fish off the weed edge Last day was tough but caught some smaller fish in the morning and before packing up for the day we headed out and found just 2 fish but one was the big fish for the week. Awesome end to a great vacation. Perfect end to my day. Such a strong fish not a nickel but o so close. Thanks for reading everybody. Looking forward to the next trip when temps are cooler and i take my mom and brother out for a week. I'll miss this for a few weeks no better sight to see in my mind. And our GoPro edit from the trip. A couple picture fish in this clip lot's of smaller bass but lot's of fun to edit and put together. https://youtu.be/qXpy2QMia6k Tightlines MTBF
  7. Hello again everybody here on OFC. It's report time I just got in the door a few hours ago and wanted to post a report on a pretty successful fishing trip. My mom, grandma, little brother and I headed out mid day last Friday for Northern Ontario to mainly kick back, relax and for me FISHING!!! I got out a total of 11 times. Once for a hour and a bit Friday evening and then managed to get 8-9 hours in on the lake every day even when the wind and rain came up mid week. The funny thing about this September was for me personally I did much better in the mornings when it came to numbers than the afternoons. Evenings sucked for me but I managed to keep a steady catching rythem going most outings. This year the bass were caught on a smaller variety of baits. First was a 3/4oz Stand-Up style flipping jig with a Texas-Rig Jig trailer on the back, I used this to pitch to visible deep weed as I dont have a fishfinder yet so tend to be a very visual angler when it comes to finding bass....got to haha. Nichols 1/2oz Pearl White Spinnerbait, a Pearl Swinging Hammer both texas rigged and cut down 1" and put on a 1/2oz Swim Jig was good for covering shallower weed and cover. The 3.5" TRJ simply texas rigged and and with both a 1/2 and 3/8oz weight I used just twice this trip pitching some shallow mat's under the sun. Other than those baits I didn't get to do the finesse fishing I wanted, no froggin either. The jerkbait picked up just one photo worthy smallie in the early hours. I tended to change gears to largemouth once I got dialed in on the pattern. On with the photo's. First evening best fish for the time I had, covered a flat and found a couple largies. First cast, smallie blew up on the spinnerbait. Straightened it out was blown away, caught a few dozen Largies this week only bent them left or right slightly. Power these fish have. Going to find a 5lbr up here one day. My mom taking shots with the camera. This captures the morning in it's beauty. Haven't missed a morning on my trips in 4 years of taking fishing trips. Love this part of the day. Good fish out deep, love the rush these fish give you. Got into a foot of water maybe 2 at best first afternoon. Sun was out temps were hot was fun to see some mat's lift up. No giants but this was the better bite a little after lunch. Fat bass from the deep weedline. Love hearing that Fluoro slice the water on the hookset. 3/4oz Jig didn't seem to slow them down they were on it this trip. Filler fish are present throughout the days, haha obviously I wasn't very impressed but can't complain Nice largemouth early on. Fished these with the trailer hook all week but all the bass seemed to of always had front or both hooks in them. Was a fun bite never really got on a good blade bite up here. Good largemouth on the jig. 2lbr, fun fight but no bragger. Still better wake up than a cup of coffe. Catch and Release. Love seeing these guys swim back strong and healthy. Another afternoon another good largemouth. Fished deep first then tried some pad edges later on. My big fish of the trip. Pitching the TRJ to the pads. Only bite in the entire stretch but was the right bite. Little action shot, Largies out deep on the jerkbait. Smallmouth. Wasn't my year for numbers but I did get a few this trip. Largemouth after breakfast. The 2 days of Spinnerbait/Swimbait madness began. Fairly warm and overcast, perfect conditions. One of many small Pike. 3 or 4 each day lost 2 baits this trip didn't totally break the bank...we wont talk about August I wasn't to impressed. 2lbr, fun on the jig as always Time for the bigger bass to play. Another pike, not super long but good fight. This was my morning wake up the next day. Love that Swinging Hammer/Swim Jig combo, lot's of confidence now. Things didn't come together for my on my last morning Wednesday. Only got 1 bass that morning so we changed up from the big jig's and blade baits and came up with a new plan. Great largie to save my morning. Went out on my only solo mission of the trip. My mom was out for most trips taking pictures and fishing along side me. Always nice to hang out once a year. Brought back my best pair for the afternoon. Still was a tough bite but cut the weight in half and went to a 3/8oz TRJ no rattle just texas rigged and pitched as much cover as I could find. Got 4 decent bites these were my best 2. Ended off on a good note. As seen I had my GoPro on 95% of the trip when battery would allow. I will be posting a video hopefully in the coming weeks of all the action and hooksets. Thanks for viewing everybody hope you enjoyed the pictures. Tightlines and enjoy the fall everybody! MTBF
  8. I've been seeing some pretty cool videos posted by our members. I can't wait to try out my Go-Pro on the ice. Here's a compilation of my late summer and early fall adventures. Is it too early to say that I can't wait for spring!!!!
  9. Hello everybody here on OFC, it's mid August once again and I just got back tonight from 2 fantastic weeks of fishing a few hours north east of here on my favourite lakes. We showed up on the first Saturday in August and had awesome weather until this past Wednesday. We had 25-30degree days and full sun with little cloud. It was hot at times but I fish hard from 5am on the water until 6 or 7pm at night. I take breaks and bring out either my Dad, Brother or Uncle once a day sometimes twice depending how tired they get but I'm doing what I enjoy and it doesn't tire me out it seems. Here we go starting with the first bass of the trip lot's of these bass were caught on a variety of baits. My success for largemouth primarily came on 3 things, the PTL swim bait and 3.5" TRJ that I've sworn by for the last 3 or 4 years, the froggy's by Snag Proof and last Megabass poppers and jerk baits. I finally got into smallmouth action this year on some tubes jerk baits and top waters in the early and late parts of the day. Day 1, we arrived by noon and got on the water for 5pm after setting up camp the first day, awesome little place near the lakes edge. Here was #1 of the trip working some deeper weed while moving towards the slop. Day two started out well, got up early as normal and worked a big clump of pads on the small lake, got this one a few ounces under 4lbs Later in the day I went out after breakfast working a upper part of a stretch I had success in the previous season. Paid off with this nice big largemouth just under 5lbs The afternoon produced some smaller bass but this one was enough for me. Next day was when the big largemouth of the trip showed up, hit the nickel mark. What a awesome largemouth bass! Not to much later this one popped the froggy! Next day was slow as the temps rose, I got this nice little chunky bass on the popper early on. Got them around this size all day with most in the 1.5-2lb range. I then wanted to search for smallmouth with the new equipment I picked up, throwing straight 10lb fluoro on the 6'8, didn't loose a fish all trip and picked my times to throw the arrangement of baits. Worked well First smallie on the jerk bait in August, had to try something else and it escalated into a bunch of nice fish! And another quick one on the jerk bait. Went down to the boat for a half hour after dinner went down to the boat throwing topwater ad got a nice bass. Had dad come down and take a pic while I tested my live well I ran for 2 or 3 mornings worked well. Morning once again got this big smallie out deep on a tube outside of camp. This morning I took my uncle out for a 3 or 4 hours, we did smallmouth for the first hour and I got 3 culled one as I wanted just 4 in the well for the morning for a picture, the aerator and pump made those fish so hard to grab the handful of ice and constant change of water was key. We got 5 that morning 3 to my credit and 2 to his. Was a blast! Was frogging all afternoon and got the big smallmouth bass of the trip out off the deep rock, wind was blowing right and the fish was there…can't wait to get a fish finder in the boat next year, forgot it at home but made due just fine And the fight of my life was on, there nuts the jerk bait and fish jumped 4 feet out of the lake boat side then so many head shakes above water I thought I had a heart attack haha Next morning I nailed my first good swim bait fish, gave me all the confidence I needed to stick with it some days. My 2 for the morning, good one on topwater and the swim bait. Was a happy man haha. Dad with his first good one of the trip, was quick on the trolling motor and net when the fish was on pumped for him. I got him by a pound or so Nice one flipping the cover behind the frog. Later my uncle got onto a nice largemouth Got the popper out the love the small baits sometimes! She was chunky(same fish) Later on, big largemouth. Flippin the cover, I like the 3/4oz tungsten for this stuff always and 22lb fluorocarbon Big one of the following day for me. My uncle once again with a dandy largemouth. They fight hard when they use the heavy spinning gear. Smallmouth action, they fight so hard. 3.5" FoodChain Tube on 12lb braid Frogging a big pad bed only bite in the bay but worth the half hour pass through before breakfast [/url Yes I fished in the downpours most of the day when the cold front hit haha Haha my uncle with a Pike, first fish on a bait caster…there getting better Taking a break it was awful but better than sitting in a tent complaining Big Pike Nice smallmouth on the tube, made the day for me Dad with a nice bucket in the rain later on after the boys switched up and I stuck it out. Weather was ok the next day, here was a largemouth in the afternoon slow morning all small ones. Yes not a Black Blue Red Flake craw like always, tried the Green Pumpkin Purple Flake and it got me 2 nice bites, this one in 3-6ft deep fast current and rocks. He liked it too, great fight made that day end right! Last morning, Friday it was. Good one in the cold brrr was 10 or 12 degrees wasn't impressed waking up O well had a job to do, fishin time. Dad with one later on Friday morning And I got the last one of the trip. Was a blast and what a crazy weather change we went through. O well had fun and can't wait to get back. Putting my foot up on the dock post on the last night…Take a break guys, it's well worth it you only live once. Thanks for looking and reading, good fishin! MTBF
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