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  1. http://ontariofishingcommunity.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73059&p=831188 Hey Dave, Looks like if you want to do some Steelheading on the Credit, you'll need to bring your auger!!!
  2. Hey folks. My buddy got me into ice fishing last year and I've been out a few times this year for lakers and perch but last summer I got hooked on speckle fishing rivers. The idea of catching some through the ice has been driving me crazy. I've been lurking the Fish ON-line site to locate stocked lakes up near bancroft and went up last week to one I had to snowshoe in to. Got skunked though. Just wondering if anyone had some tips out there, or if anyone has had any success this year for specks? Been doing a lot of reading but I like hearing what people have to say. Not expecting locations. Cheers
  3. Me and a few friends went out for the first time yesterday to go for some perch off Snake Island. There was a lot of slush and water, my right foot got wet first thing in the morning. We checked the depth, chainsawed a sexy block, threw up the tent n dropped a line. First 5 mins there was not a single fish in sight. Then it started.... We couldnt stop pulling perch out. Most of them got thrown back in(keep in mind well over 100 made it out the water.) For about 5-6 hours it was constant action. Seen quite a few down there with some serious shoulders. Couldnt get all the big guys to bite since they were sketchy and the smaller ones were contantly going for the offerings, but we did pull nice ones out(size of and bigger then a "fish juice" bottle.) The herring showed up. All they did was harass our ammo.. Me and another guy caught 1 each accidentally(Keep your waders on, we tossed em back in.) Almost wish we could catch em, they have attitude. Either way, left with about 15 8''+ perch. Was a good time
  4. does anybody have any info about this lake? wondering how the conditions are, if its safe, etc. i hear there is a current that could make some spots sketchy ive never been here before, not even sure if its worth my time. just looking to try a new spot other then simcoe. does anybody know where there is walk on access with some decent fishing near by? dont want to have to walk 5km to get to a good spot. especially with the snow there calling for on thurs night will be targeting pike, maybe walleye
  5. Hey everyone, hope your new year is starting off well. For the last couple weekends my wife has been off doing things with her sister so I've had a free fishing pass. So of course the weather last week had to jump to 15 or whatever and melt all the ice on Simcoe . I thought it was going to be the same for today but checking around it looked like things had solidified pretty well up to this morning so I threw the clam in the truck and headed out to get some fresh air. Man it felt nice to be on the ice again. The ice was fine when I went out, 4 to 5 inches once you got past the broken up stuff at shore but I gotta say coming off at 1pm there was a lot of water on top and I'm glad I didn't stick around longer. Anyhow, there was lots of guys out though no one using sleds or atvs which was good to see. The bite was great for the first couple hours (I got on the ice around 8:30) but really died off around 11 or so. Mostly dinks but luckily I managed enough for tonights dinner. Of course being the first trip of the year I forgot to bring a bucket/minnow pail so I just went artificials today. Typical mix of dinks to keepers - probably 10 to 1 or so with one really nice girl. Pretty much all came on a perch pattern jigging rap (see the pic below). Great to get out, weather looks like it should lock everything up this week so hopefully there's a few more trips to be made - really looking forward to the Tyler event again this year and going after some whities. Here's some pics from the phone - have a great weekend everyone. FB_IMG_13586069650237398 by Sean Maurik, on Flickr IMG_20130119_100623 by Sean Maurik, on Flickr IMG_20130119_114351 by Sean Maurik, on Flickr IMG_20130119_183715 by Sean Maurik, on Flickr IMG_20130119_184313 by Sean Maurik, on Flickr EDIT: I uploaded a panorama of the lake - you can't embed it but if you want to look: https://plus.google.com/photos/105951357550051946157/albums/5835275157333296033/5835275161988387010
  6. http://www.thewilcraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38&Itemid=203 Maybe this should become the standard for ice fishing transportation in Ontario.
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