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  1. Way to go Moosehead!!!!! Congrats, hope I get as lucky in mine, wont know til november and I'm tied for 27 votes.
  2. Billy Bob, when we got our middle miniature poodle, she chewed through the satelite/cable wires (as well as other wires/cables) too many times to count, she even ate my rose bushes several times!!! What we had to do to stop it was take a piece of garden hose and run our wires/cables through that until she out-grew her chewing phase. It got too expensive to replace the wires all the time. With all the things she ate, we are surprised she never got electricuted...and I did without rose bushes until about 4 years ago.
  3. RFLMFAO Dad. I meant to say "It's MY daughter & MY bf" in the pic. As it was, I was impressed neither Tara nor Claude tipped the canoe just to shut the other one up or get even with each other. I also wouldn't have been that far away had Tara been out there with her bf....at least not without something more powerful than a cell phone
  4. Thanks Frankie, you are so right! Thats my daughter & bf in the pic, which was taken with my cell phone. I have to say it takes better pics than my camera LOL!
  5. Got my vote too, could you please return the favour and vote for my pic? I too posted in here asking for votes for a contest just scroll down til u find my post
  6. Thanks for the compliments & votes so far everyone LOL moosehead, I had to check before I posted mine, I didn't want to ask in here if we had been in the same contest.
  7. Hi everyone, I have entered a contest and really need some help. If you guys can click "like" on my photo it would really help me out a lot. Here is the link : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=256276197744170&set=a.239109519460838.56934.125797397458718&type=1&theater#!/photo.php?fbid=256276197744170&set=a.239109519460838.56934.125797397458718&type=1&theater Thanks
  8. I totally agree with Chris, when you bring her home, you may stumble across the perfect name. For example when we got our miniature poodle, we brought her home and the 3 of us each got to say a name we thought suited her...can't remember what mine & my boyfriends name choices were, but my daughter chose Brandy and it suited her perfectly...it just felt right. Same thing happened with my daughter's toy poodle, we brought him home and she went through about 3 names and decided he seemed like a "cosmo", again, a perfect fit. Our oldest toy poodle/bichon was 6 years old when we adopted her and was already named Angel, but it does suit her too. We do occasionally call them other names, like when Brandy ate all the cables in the house + my rose bushes ect...or Cosmo shredded my daughters report card (ya, i'm wondering if he took the blame for her LOL), Thankfully neither of them do that stuff anymore. It was just a coincidence that it turned out to be A,B & C What ever you name her, I am 100% sure it will be perfect.
  9. LOL Most definately Roy. I know what you mean Mike, as a kid I would balk at half the stuff I eat now. I don't eat the sushi myself, not my thing, I like my fish cooked "awwww thanks crappieperchhunter" from Tara. you won't regret it if you do go there I am sure.
  10. Today is my daughter Tara's Sweet 16 Birthday. Last night we took her to a restaurant in Sudbury called Okinawa's Sushi, a place she had really wanted to try, for her birthday supper. It was great! When you are seated you are given a paper & pencil so that you can write down what your table wants on the menu and the quantity of each item. The portion sizes were large, the service fantastic with food coming very quickly to the table and used dishes being removed with only a moments wait. The owner, whom we originally thought to ourselves was a very friendly waiter/greeter, came over to our table to speak to us & introduce himself. He even went to the kitchen and brought me a small dish of salt! It may not mean much to anyone else, but I have salt on pretty much everything, and the last sushi place we tried, they just said they didn't have any. If anyone is looking for a all-you-can-eat sushi place in Sudbury, I would definately recommend going here. All the little things they did for us enhanced our dining experience and made it a night we will remember.
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