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  1. LegitFish

    my bass open'r

    I love bass!
  2. LegitFish

    Muldrew Lake Anyone?

    That's what I read on the MNR lake fact sheet, but as I was checking pictures from the Muldrew Website and I saw that someone had caught a Pike... I guess there's a few in there Either way looks like a nice area
  3. LegitFish

    Muldrew Lake Anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever been to Muldrew Lake in Gravenhurst, ON?
  4. LegitFish

    Looking For Plastic Worms

    Just wondering where the best place to buy plastic worms from is? Anywhere from 3.5" - 6" Thanks!
  5. LegitFish

    Best Bass Bait?

    What's your number one bass bait? My LiveTarget Yellow Perch lure has been the best I have lure I have ever owned. It seems to work even on bad days. Not only does it catch Bass, but Ive caught Pike, Catfish, and even Walleye. These lures are great!
  6. LegitFish

    Need Help With Lake - Bass And Trout

    I did find it on a MNR document, but I didnt see a date...
  7. LegitFish

    Need Help With Lake - Bass And Trout

    I wont be up there till mid July
  8. LegitFish

    Need Help With Lake - Bass And Trout

    Oh thanks alot!
  9. Hey everyone! I will be heading up to a small lake in Huntsville, Lake Waseosa. I've tried to do some research and as far as I know, the only fish species in the lake is smallmouth bass, yellow perch, rainbow trout, lake trout, brook trout, lake herring, golden shiners, and white suckers. I'm use to fishing in places like Georgian Bay where there is multiple species like largemouth bass, and pike. How should I approach this lake? Ive never fished for Trout before, but the SM Bass should be fairly easy. Thanks!
  10. LegitFish

    Deep Water Pike Help

    Water depth between 20-40ft. Do you use a 3 way swivel with weights to pull the spoon down farther? Or ?
  11. LegitFish

    Deep Water Pike Help

    Hey I'm struggling to locate bigger pike mainly because the water tempature is around 76 surface and they have all moved into deeper water. I have never fished for pike in deep water and hoping I could get suggestions on what to do for deep water. Setups/rigs would be great Thanks alot!
  12. LegitFish

    Pointe au Baril

    Yeah i caught some walleye by skunk island, just as the sun was setting.
  13. LegitFish

    Pointe au Baril

    Lol 17-23, i will be checking out, you will be checking in
  14. LegitFish

    Pointe au Baril

    I will be staying at Pleasant Cove Resort! What week are you going??
  15. LegitFish

    Pointe au Baril

    Completely right about the shoals, we had a guide, and wow there is some very dangerous areas. Never heard of chicken channel, but I have been to hole in the wall