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  1. drove through northern ontario twice ! didnt see 1 moose..great pics!
  2. ...basically it boils down to this..Boss's are just that a Boss..he treats his employees harsh ..alot do but survival mode kicks in and like a kick in the nuts ..extra money for a Sunday Morning Drive is worth It !!!!
  3. chad go enjoy them with film....umm frayed rope Velcro..eeeps I'l stick to rock bass hiding under the dock.....had 1 campground with huge bass thick as thieves...have to admit I was quite in fishing heaven! oooh must go to Paris conservation area..yes we must!
  4. I'll take advice off the back of a sugar packet! ( figuratively speaking)
  5. Spam dressed like hog meat
  6. eeeps ummmm yea Rain sucks..but tis a beautiful day..never know
  7. I was out with this guy and his 30 went kaputs on opener weekend and here we go trying to paddle this guy boat with the wind against us..tried the 9hp motor was moving at a snails~pace and oooh yea the shoreline on rice lake all looked the same ...thank goodness he got the 30 hp motor back up and going!!!! Word to the wise..compass and map and line of direction..especially rice lake hehe could mean alot especially with the sun going down!
  8. looked like an amazing trip and great report! I caught a sunfish yesterday lol
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