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    Ultra lite or at least lite spinning for bass, wading (wet or dry) the Thames or wherever the bass move me, starting slowly into fly. Besides fishing I play golf and scuba dive. I've been a realtor for 32 years, still working because I like it. <br /><br />Perfectly willing to drive a bit to have some fishing fun and have been known to sleep in the back of my suv to get an early start. Looking for a lightweight canoe or kayak for fishing. Not turned on to big water fishing, yet, though I've rubbed shoulders while scuba diving with a few sharks and some huge Tarpon in the Caribbean, Rainbows in the States, and Muskies and Perch in Ontario. Sometimes it's just as much fun to hang with the fish as catch them. Is that the wrong thing to say here? 8)<br /><br />As a recent convert to fisherdom I'm looking to add to my list of finny captures, all C & R unless I hurt the little guys. Then, if they're edible, they become food.

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  1. you are missed by all whos life you have touched

  2. It has been a privilege to cross paths with you John. Thank you for being you!

  3. Engaging, insightful and humourous. A true gentleman and inspiration. We were fortunate to have shared this chapter of your life and your kindness will be remembered.

  4. Thanks for all your valued input, knowledge, and time you put into the forum, and helping out others. You will be greatly missed.

  5. I got my wife a pair at w'mart a year ago. The ones she got were identical to the green ones I bought a few years ago at CTC. I didn't like them at all. They were too tight in my butt making it tough to climb up riverbanks etc but for $30 they'd be great backups. If you're really skinny I guess they might be ok too. HTHM borrowed them last year for a while. He might have some comment on them. I don't wear them at all now. JF
  6. One suggestion made to me when I was first starting with the baitcaster. I was told to put less expensive mono line on until I got the hang of using my thumb etc. Then switch to braid when you feel confident. The braid will cast longer but initially you may have a lot of birdsnests and waste a lot of line. Braid is expensive to waste. JF
  7. Brian, sorry if I mislead you. What kind of rod did you think it was? I figured the slip rings were a dead giveaway. I'll refund your money if it isn't what you wanted. I want happy customers. JF
  8. You made it easy. I'm shocked that it got there so fast. The pickup was only at 4:15 yesterday. Hope the fish cooperate on the weekend. I'm glad to hear it's going to get some use. If I'd kept it all it would have done was get dusty in the storage unit. Keep us posted. I'd love to hear it caught you a PB. JF
  9. Ryan, since I haven't thought of anything better I decided to just contribute 10% of the proceeds from my recent Classified sales to your cause. I can't think of a more popular cause to contribute to. My own family has been touched by cancer so many times, and from the posts here onviously a lot of OFC members have been affected as well, so why not keep the circle happening and give back to an OFNer's fundraiser with money raised through OFC services? Thanks to Misfish and the others who purchased items. JF
  10. Played 'em all except the newest one. I only play solo, not online. They're fun. My problem is I get them as hand me downs from my son so some are on the PC and some are on his old XBox which he gave me when he got the newer XBox360. He also has PS but I haven't got a handmedown of that yet. JF
  11. I missed Garry's post but I had it happen and I know a few other guys who got dinged. It's now a pretty well known fact amongst divers with certain computers. JF
  12. One of the problems we discovered with dive gear was being charged duty on the purchase price on items sent in for service work. Specifically the dive computers. Some of them are sealed and battery replacement requires return to the factory in the States. At the same time they reload the software and update it. But to have to pay the duty on a $500 wrist computer each time this is done is annoying. I took one in to the service shop in Florida on one of my trips and picked it up on the way home. Cost me $35 total. This is okay if you have extra computers but not too practical if you need the computer for your holiday. Check this out beforehand. JF
  13. This year I'm gonna spend some early time communing with the carp. Turns out I have a couple of really nice carp swims close by, one just down the street, so why not? Unfortunately the best pike holes are hard to access so I may not get to enjoy them too much. I guess I'll just have to learn to love carp. JF
  14. Brian's one of the good people I'm talking about. Thank you Brian. JF
  15. It's more than any individual. I think we're all elevated by the people with whom we have to interact. At the risk of sounding smarmy all my experiences with the forum and with the individuals I've dealt with online and met personally have been better than positive. This is not the first popular online group I've been involved with but it is by far the best. Even the bickering is gentelmanly. JF
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