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Found 4 results

  1. SOLD PENDING PICK UP For sale... 5 yrs old. 80lb thrust terrova with I pilot, GPS spot lock. Looking to upgrade this unit. $1000.00 and it's yours. It is still hooked up on my boat if you want to see it in action. A great working rig, especially shines for vertical jigging in deep water or holding a spot in a current area.
  2. Heading over to the on the water demos at iCast 2019 down here in Orlando FL. One of the biggest buzzes down here is about how the bow mounted trolling motor scene is going to change drastically. MotorGuide, Lowrance and Garmin are all introducing competitors to the current bow-mounted trolling motor king, the Minn Kota Ultrex! Super excited to see how the new Garmin Force trolling motor is going to work with my Garmin EchoMap Ultra units! Check it out on the YouTube video: And on a lighter note watch the legendary Bill Dances and the "Sons of Fishes":
  3. I am contemplating of buying a used Motorguide 75lb 24V bow mount wireless control Trolling motor. Any potential issues with the wireless unit? I read that the wireless control does not respond with some obstruction between the control and the motor, But I do not intend the put the control too far from the motor itself. I also read on line that the hand control seems to work better. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Don't know if everyone but me already knows this or not but figured I'd put it out there. At some point during the last half of the year my trolling motor would sometimes lose power as I increased the rpms with the footpeddle. It was only near the top end and I hardly ever used it that high and I'd forget about it until it would happen again. Flash-forward to this spring and prep time for the boat. I remembered the loss of power and started taking things apart. The foot peddle has a slider that is the contact. It was a little gummed up and had a little too much "play" in it. Cleaned up the contacts and tightened up the screws and she works right through all the settings again.
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