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Found 3 results

  1. I'm heading to rib lake Ontario, the last week in june 2018 for a couple days of smallmouth fishing and relaxation. I'm looking for a bit of information on the area. what type of baitfish are in Rib lake or common to the temagami area. i looking to match the hatch and need to know what colors to throw. I plan on jigging with a bico and 3"-5" z-man trd trailer canadian crawl color and some walk the dog baits. any other hard or soft bait that have produced? Here in Maryland I only fish for smallies in rivers so i may have to adjust my techniques for lake fishing. I only ever throw black or white buzz baits and small brown crankbaits which almost always produce a good day of fishing on the rivers here. any thoughts, tips and information is much appreciated .
  2. Hello Everyone Looking for some feed back on the Lake Temagami area for cottage and boat rentals. Myself and some friends/family are looking to plan a rustic trip for 4/5 nights in the end of August. I am hoping to get some recommendations on where to stay. We are looking for more of a cabin than a cottage and would be 6 of us. Thanks in advance! Will
  3. Hi All, I'm new here but thought I'd seek out some advice. My dad and I are going up to stay at Tamar cottages June 14th for five days and I was just wondering if any of you have fished this area at this time of year. We fish sun-up to sun-down and we have loads of gear but we've never been to Temagami so any advice would be great. Bait, locations, techniques, anything. I hear cross lake is great but a little bit treacherous so any wisdom there would be good too. We'll be going for walleye, lakers and trout and probably trolling a lot until we find them. Thanks, Evan
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