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  1. Yeah, what's 150yd or 300yd spool of braid worth versus a spool of 10lb raven/andres? There's so much value in a 300yd spool of braid, do 3 reels for a few years. Initial cost of braid is high, but have it has lots of value!
  2. 14 or 20lb braid on the pin, fireline crystal, or super line like Berkley Nano....will cost a pretty penny to spool it up, but no line twist, lot fewer break offs, and removing line every other trip...get a few seasons out of it, vs. respooling every few weeks if you fish lots...use a 8 or 10lb shot line, and for steelhead tie on a couple feet of 6lb flouro, salmon, bump things up a few pounds(8lb flouro, 12lb shot line??) when fish are close to shore and you, your rod is bowed so much some times, let out some line so if the fish goes again, the rod will have some give, line wouldn't just snap
  3. toonie toss....put a 60oz bottle of booze on the dance floor around 1am, have them stand back about 30-40ft or fairly far back, and toss toonies at it, closest wins it..... arms length of raffle tickets and the wedding party and family donates gifts to raffle off(20$ and maybe one or two better gift), get an arm lengths of 5 bucks or so.....put boxes in from of the prize(label the box for the prize) give them one side of the tickets into the box if you have matching sets, or have them tear it in half if you have single set of tickets and put in half jello shooters or worm jelly shooters(not sure how they're made(saturated in booze??) but sweet to slurp down)1$ per shot
  4. I protect my rods when on the road, with a Shimano rod case/carrier, I bought at Fishing World a few years ago. It can cover hold about 8rods, with the top 1.5ft covered in hard plastic, and wraps about the middle and bottom. It keeps them more stable, and less likely to break a tip. Also, it's more convient to help me carry 4+rods around on multi species trips. I only have a 14.5ft tiller, and don't both with anything. I do lay them on from one seat to the next, so they are level and not bouncing off the beam or front seat. I might consider a rod wrap....haven't really thought about it and do see them as a pain pulling on and off. I did break one of my better st.croix one trip, jigging for walleye, I let it sit against the beam, go to set a hook and the rod snaps...st.croix replaced it at no cost other than shipping. It likely damaged the blank bouncing around on the trip somewhere. Friend has broken 2 rods of decent valve on trips in simular fashion. He uses 2 rod wraps now, but never puts them back on once fishing starts...only used for on the road?
  5. Also, to make it look bigger in the photo, hold it out away from your body......it does wonders for fish photos!!!
  6. I too am looking at the St.Croix Eyecon 7' MH casting rod as well!!! Looks sweet for 120$ compared to the 240$ 7' MH Legend Tournament. Put on a older Curado or Chronarch, with 20lb braid and use it for bottom bouncing or casting/trolling crank baits. Bring a 6'3 rod for jigging, a 6'6" rod for jigs/cranks/drop shot, and a few other stiffer rods for pike, and I'm good for most of my pike/walleye trips(Nip/Bisco/Quebec/Lady E/etc).
  7. Hey, When doing a fly in trip, do you bring 1piece rods or just 2+piece rods? I've only done fly in's with my dad, back in the day, and we only used 2pc rods back then. Now I prefer 1piece. The planes I've been on were smaller float planes, and I didn't have lots of room for 1piece rods in them. Do the bigger planes have the room, or do they put rod tubes on the pontoons? Just thinking of a new rod, and it will hopefully be taken on a trophy pike fly in with the next few years! Thanks!
  8. You can see at the bottom, it is a Topps Baseball Archive Series Set. The whole set on ebay is worth 40-70$. Sorry. That card alone, maybe 10$.
  9. I am willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a reel. I've had a quick look in the BassPro catalogue, but would like suggestions. I like a spinning reel for friends to use, and a change of pace. My regular set ups for heavier baits are a 7ft medium heavy casting rod, 7ft heavy casting using a Curado or Chronarch. My musky rods are 6'6 to 7ft and with 301 Cardiffs. I think a knock off lure wouldn't be good quality, not as good as Rapala's quality for sure! I know some Japanese and Chinese made lures are high quality, I just think knock offs likely made in Asia, would be sub par. No value. No right to use a Rapala sticker, to trick people.
  10. Hey, I'm looking for suggestions on a powerful spinning reel, something that can crank in some pike sized(small musky) lures for a few hours a day. I've been using a 4000 symetre from about 2004 on a 7ft heavy rod, and it the reel starts to slip or fail after a while. Take it home, tune it up, it feels fine, but casting heavy lures again, and after a while, it slips or starts grinding. Maybe a small saltwater reel would work(redfish or striper reel). Also, at a new local store, they were carrying some odd Rapalas. Clear box, no cardboard bottom, single Rapala sticker, no diving info. no Rapala on the lure lip, stainless hooks not black just some odd coloured Chinese/Japanese looking crankbaits. They had hundreds of them. Must be knock offs eh? Anybody else see these? I wouldn't touch them. Likely should be reported. Poor kids who think they might be getting a deal on Rapalas, but are likely buying crappy Chinese junk. Thanks!!!
  11. Does anybody use trout beads for ice fishing? I would think they'd be a good attractor for whitefish. Use a glow bead, or natural egg colour, instead of a white pearl on a spreader or just above live bait rig? Heck if it's on fire, maybe even lower down a single bead rigged up with the single egg hook behind it a few inches. Hopefully Simcoe is frozen by February and I might give some beads a try.
  12. Ernie did up the MudHole MHx 1203 10ft 6-12lb for me. I was hit up by one big old beat up male today. The rod is nice and I look forward to the next time the water is high and fish are more agressive! Overall pretty slow down there. I also caught somebody's poor fishing line that had broke off above the float with a shaker on. The fish was deep hooked and bleeding, but still very spunky. I let it go since I only hooked the float, not the fish, but wonder if it would survive with the hook still in it's throat?
  13. Thanks, However, I did try to place an order with Mepps, and it wouldn't let me do the sale, since I needed an American address for my VISA. Where in do you pick up the Mepps Longcasts? I don't think I'll be getting to the city for a few weeks. I like the looks for their Little Wolf spoons, which I picked up 3 of. I have some Silver Fox Vibrams, but wish they'd cast further. I also added a few Len Thompson's, a few Rapala size 5 rattle traps, 3 pack of small Big O Cordells, and a few cleos. It's dam expense tossin lures, either snagging up and breaking off, or hammered and bitten off. Put 4 new ones in the drink on Thursday, (2 fish, 2 snags). I'm not going to use 8lb flouro tippet anymore, might bust out the 15lb flouro from my bass gear, might just do the straight braid. It is pretty exciting fishing though! I have 4 white stradic 2500s, which I rotate between bass/walleye/trout rods. I really don't need a new spinning reel. Heck, I've even got a Diawa SS, on a bottom bouncing eye rod, just begging for more use. I'm on nights, and will fish as much as possible this week. I'll try to get out Wednesday! Ernie got my rod done up in 1 day. I'll try it out this morning!
  14. The US reel's only 50$ marked down from 150$ at Cabela's right now......I was thinking of it. Was wanting to order some of those long cast mepps, at that the only site i can find that'll order them. Anybody down near Niagara want to put in an order directly to Mepps and pick it up at the mail to store in Niagara NY. I could buy about 60$ worth of long casts from their site which only does US sales. After that either ship it to me or bring it up to BruceCounty?
  15. Hey, I'm thinking it's time I upgrade my floatation suit for this upcoming season. I currently have a 10year old 2 piece bouy o boy, which is now slightly too small. I want a one piece XXL. To keep cool in the hut, I won't mind unzipping and letting it hang behind me. It's just as easy as wearing a 2 piece. I am looking at Mustang's website and prices at Royal Distrubting and LeBarons. Their Atlantic series is the mid range one, which is still close to 400$. LeBaron's has Helly Hanson's one piece for about 300$, that seams to have nice features. Mustang must be the safest for that price. It must have neoprene/valcor wrists and ankles along with pull straps on the thighs and waste. For safety this is likely the best. For function, it's lacking. Helly Hanson has zipped arm pits to help keep cool. I like that feature in the winter, my Columbia coat gets the pits unzipped often. HH also has d rings to put the boat motor stop cord on, reinforced knees, pockets in the thighs and lined chest hand warmer pockets. Also I think the fabric 420 denier nylon might be tougher. My old suit, which I think is simular to Mustang, got a few cuts in it from hooks. Could I please get others opinions on what they have and what they like? Thank you!
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