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  1. going up to the cottage this weekend in wasaga for the first time since the spring...hope to fish for a couple hours...anyone had any luck up in the river lately? maybe some resident bows?
  2. like mentioned you can catch pretty much anything in there....ive caught brown trout, smallies, walleye, carp, cats, pike and steelhead...just gotta do some research and exploring and you`ll do fine...i was out tonight in the grand and caught 17 smallies in 3 hours including 2 nice 3 pounders
  3. yeppers it was in a river, i think it was just hanging out in some weeds then just came out to feed. Caught on a rapalla Cracklin Crank, my favorite bass lure expect the $12 price tag each
  4. caught this guy tonight along with another one that was 4.5 pounds. Caught 11 smallies in two hours...pretty good night http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab12/drock6687/DSCF0078.jpg
  5. been reading about them in a couple postings here...was out trout fishing today and the shore around the creek was absolutely full of them...you eat them?
  6. Booo, that really sucks, i was really hoping to get a couple days of fishing in!
  7. Considering driving up to my wife's family cottage in wasaga tomorrow for a couple days of fishing... will the steel head still be in the river with the warm weather we have had or are they gone back to the river and i would be wasting my time driving up there? thanks in advance!
  8. Till i can be wading the upper grand
  9. In the summer do you have to enter thru the park or can you just walk down the beach till you end up at the mouth?
  10. Disregard that last pm. I read the friends thing wrong.Any notty questions feel free to ask.dave

  11. Is the only way to get to the mouth to pay to get into the park?
  12. where I wish for steel head there is a sign saying no sturgen fishign... are there many of them swimmin around in there?
  13. I have done a fair amonut of fishing the last two season on the notty in wasaga for steelhead in the spring and fall. I have only gone 2 times in the summer and didnt catch anything...are there fish in the notty in wasaga (by the provincial park) durring the summer months?
  14. myself and my wife are looking at cottages for a week in the summer... found two...first one is on Whitestone Lake, Dunchurch, Ontario and the second one is Gooderham Lake, Haliburton...dose anyone have any experience fishing either one of these? any insight would be great, thanks!!! Derrick
  15. I have 2 pet Piranhas and one of them died tonight. was about 6 inchs long and 3 years old...check out this guys teeth... http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab12/drock6687/pir.jpg
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