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  1. View Advert Maui Jim polarized glasses -Big wave (MJ440-2M) $200 For sale New Maui Jim polarized sun glasses (I wore them for 5 min inside the house, never been outside). grey lense with black strip. light weight. model - big wave these are WIDE glasses that fit people with large heads. Price $200 or trade for left handed bait caster reel (shimano or daiwa) willing to meet in Durham region. Prefer not to ship. Amazon and Sunglass hut have them for around $280. Advertiser Pangle Date 10/24/2019 Price 200.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  2. Hi I’m close to buying a used merc 150 pro xs 2 stroke. Does anyone have experience with this motor. I’ve researched everything online and it sounds reliable and performance shouldn’t be an issue. The main thing I’m wondering is fuel economy. Im not a speed demon and won’t run WOT too often. Will it be a pig? Thx
  3. I had a complete tear of acl with some cartilage damage at age 25. my knee was repaired and 20yrs later i would say I have 90-95% normal usage without a knee brace. I have a custom brace and do wear it when playing hockey or snowboarding/skiing for peace of mind. But any pick up games I don’t wear it. my advice is intense physio. Build up the muscles that support your knee!! after my surgery I walked after about a week with a splint but it was painful and any twisting or lateral movement was excruciating.. i took a year off sports to rehab and that was the best decision I made. standing/walking on unstable ground such as ice will put a lot strain on the knee. It might be to early from surgery to risk it??? regardless my surgery allowed me to do all the physical activities I enjoy. BUT I got to this point because of rehab and taking it easy the first little while. ihope you have a speedy recovery!
  4. I was on the record cat trip last year and all I can say is Pete is a true pro. my buddy and I had a fantastic time, we learned a lot and that trip was one of the highlights of 2015. Thanks again Pete
  5. my first exposure to beads was meeting a guy on the river. After looked at his rig and the way he ripped his rod sideways to set the hook, I immediately thought he was trying to snag fish. I politely asked what technique he is using as it appears it is snagging. The fellow showed me the rig and explained it was a west coast technique (where he is from). I ended up fishing with him for the next two hours and was schooled 7-2 (beads vs roe). All of his fish were hooked in the top of the mouth. I would not have believed this if i did not see it with my own eyes. He also mentioned a CO approached him a few years ago, asking why he was snagging fish? The CO ended up observing his technique and considered it legit.
  6. Thanks guys. I have been known to cook a little. lol.
  7. Hi Thought I would share my quinte trip. It started by visiting the local tackle shop and speaking with the owner. Very nice fella who recommended using worm harnesses with huge Colorado blades (1 1/2 - 2 inch wide). I was a little apprehensive as my go to lure is the earie dearie, anyway we bought 2 of them and some worms. Sure glad we took his advice as 10 of the 12 walleye we landed came on these harnesses. Any way we managed our limit and more. Good times for sure and an awesome feed! Thanks for reading.
  8. thanks for the input. I will take it apart and poke around but will most likely buy a new one. sinker, ive seen the pedal in lebarens catalogue. cheers
  9. HI Looking for advice for my electric motor. During the first outing of the year, I plug in the trolling motor and discover the variable speed does not work. The motor will turn on and off, turn left or right but is stuck on one speed (about 30-40% of full power). The battery was fully charged as well. Has anyone experienced this? I'm hoping it's a simple fix rather than buying a new foot control. Any info is appreciated. As for the fishing, a few hammer handles and a couple pigs of OOS smallies (at least 4lbs). All released for another day. Thanks .
  10. Haha. i just realized your location. Asian markets will be tough to find. The marinade can be used on steak (sirloin, flank, striploin, ribeye) as well. Just make sure the steak is not too thick as the sugar in the marinade will burn before the meat is cooked. High heat is needed.
  11. Agreed 100%. Low and slow is the key (4-6hrs on the grill) One of the best bbq books I have come across is written by "Chef Paul Kirk - the BBQ Baron". Very informative describing different regional flavours and techniques with a ton of recipes. A must have IMO. If you try korean bbq all you need is: soya, garlic, ginger, sugar, sesame oil and green onion. Add enough soya just to moisten the meat. You do not want them swimming in soya or they will be salty. Rough chop all other ingredients. Add enough sugar (more than you think) until you have a sweet/salty/teriyaki flavour. Sorry I do not measure. Marinate over night or min. 4 hrs. The ribs are sold as "miami ribs", "L.A. cut ribs" or "galbi ribs". Alot of local butchers can get them or go to an asian market.
  12. Hello I'm thinking about booking a 3-4 day trip in mid-July to Chaudiere Lodge on the upper French river. From my research I have heard it is a great place with great food. I will be going with a buddy and 3 kids (5 and 6 yrs olds). I'm not too concerned with the accomodations but more so with the fishing. I hear fishing can be tough at times but also fantastic. We would mainly focus on walleye, bass and pike to keep the little guys busy. Anyone with info on this area would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Pete
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