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  1. I've got a 2 wheel drive Colorado and I've never had any problem with it. I launch on concrete,wet concrete,gravel and all are fine. I pull a 17 and a half foot starcraft bowrider.
  2. Hey thanks for all the input! I'm actually pretty interested in the technique as I don't really see that around here at all and I think I'll give it a shot. Basically my only concern is what I've read is that it can hook from the outside of the mouth, and thought that could possibly cause a problem. But thanks a ton guys! That would be a good read also!
  3. Most of the time when I get a fish on a Rapala or any 2-3 hook lures at least 1 of the hooks is "inside" the mouth, and if there wasn't yes i would consider that a snagged fish and throw it back.
  4. So I was out in the boat with a buddy of mine and he was mentioning a way his friend fishes. He was saying his friend float fishes with a trout bead about 2 inches above the hook and that it keeps the fish from getting gut hooked so he can release them if he wants. I guess the fish hits the bead and the hook catches him just in the corner of the mouth. I'm kind of on the fence with this as it's not a super long leader so the fish is actually trying to bite the bait but its also hooking outside of the mouth I would assume, which is snagging to me..I guess either way the regs say if its not in the mouth it's snagging and must be released. Whats you guys take on it? Here's a 14 min video that makes it seem a legitimate tactic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_8uBBNTI4c
  5. I believe if you already had an old FAC you could then apply for a POL (Possession Only License). If you wanted to acquire a new gun then you would need to get your PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) in which case you would have take the course or challenge the test. You can contact the RCMP and they should give you all the answers you need. Have fun out there! Jake
  6. Hey guys I'm heading up to Horseshoe Lake, south east of Perry sound I believe ,to a buddy's trailer for the weekend and I've never been there. Any good fishing spots around there? I'll probably bring my boat and possibly downriggers. I'm not looking for anyone's secret holes but just a general Idea of where to start. Thanks! Jake
  7. Wow Irish, I think you sold me on Temagami thank you so much for all the info! I would definitely love to pick your brain about where to stay and about some of the fishing spots if you wouldn't mind helping me out!
  8. Yea pretty much lol. Thinking somewhere up north around Sudbury or Spanish I've never camped in that area so I'm hoping some of you fine folks have some recomendations!
  9. So the Fiancé and I want to plan a camping trip in early august but cant really decide where to go. I'm located in Collingwood and don't really want to drive further then 10 hours. I wouldn't mind going after some nice pickerel or specs. We also wouldn't mind possibly renting a boat if the cost is right! (Cheaper is always better for me lol). Any suggestions? I think we would prefer having the site on the water so we wouldn't have to drive far. Thanks! Jake
  10. Ok I will defiantly try taping the knot next time I spool up.
  11. Awesome, I'll give that a try next time. It's Trilene XL 20# if I remember correctly. I usually have the drag up pretty good as too get the fish in as fast as possible, but I'll try the 1/4 turn next time I'm out.
  12. I'm using Mono and I started backing off my drag last year. I've tried to find an answer online, but Google has let me down. So hopefully someone with greater knowledge then me will know the answer lol.
  13. I should also say I've never had the reels apart at all
  14. Hey Guys I was wondering if any of you fine folks could help me with some problems I'm having with my drag. I have 3 winch type reels that I use for down rigging, and it seems that after reeling in for awhile, the drag starts to slack off. This gets to be very annoying having to tighten the drag every time I reel in. I have a Okuma Magda Pro and a Shimano Triton 300 and I don't know what the other one is. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks Jake
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