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  1. Looking Good Pete the Bimini dont look too bad eaither!!
  2. You cought that eh Brian!!!! LOL Too bad you never came Brian you were missed make sure you come again next year.....
  3. Please do Joey!! I also have a few more Bass configurations i would like and a couple i lost i would like to replace ill pm you ....
  4. Hey Joey it was a pleasure to see you and Paul again ! Too bad i picked the first week to go up we could have camped at the same time and mabey gone out fishing together. Great looking gators and ski's already looking forward to next time. Oh and By the way thanks for the coffee and Baileys. That was the best coffee of the two weeks........LOL
  5. Hey Rich it was great to see you Patsy and the girls again, sorry to hear about your Ski im sure you will get her next year. I feel the same way you do cant believe its over for another year.....Well theres always September!!!! The Dawgs GTG........lol
  6. Topwater bomber frog pattern with a big rattle in it!!!!
  7. I got my first ski last sat and man im hooked!!!
  8. where did you take it pete
  9. Great report it was nice to see you guys again!!! Congrats on the Muskie Carole......Till next year
  10. Well i was waiting all year for this trip with my uncle so we thought we would head up for two weeks instead of just a weekend !! He brought a trailer and i brought the boat Here is our little set up! The Pike fishing was awesome we managed to land us some nice during our week long prefish before the rest of the OFC"ers arrived... A few days later we tried our hand at some Walleye trying to build up my skill a bit we managed a couple but most of ours were in the slot so they had to go back!! After fishing comes some good times!!! The next week we were there Lew came up and we started to talk about Muskie!! I Have never cought a muskie and did not have a clue so Lew was nice enough to offer to teach me a thing or two so we headed out for a few days where he explained to me where i could find a nice fish if i worked really hard.... Slinging Muskie baits is really hard work compared to bass baits. But i worked really hard and learnd as much as i could.. Thanks Lew for all the great advice and the great conversation it will never be forgotten.. I have also another person to mention she puts love into all the baits she makes Joey keep up the great work on those baits there awesome ...... I dedicate my first Muskie to you guys the whole thing was such a rush i will never forget it.... Well because they changed the date of the OFC GTG i was able to try a little bass fishing... How could i call myself the bassmaster with no bass so heres a couple hawgs to look at!!! Im so depressed its over for another year it was great to meet all the new people and all the regulars. Kevin and Leslie you guys run a class act there keep up the great work looking forward to september hope i can get up there again cheers to everyone TJ no bones in the fish great job...... Heres a couple more pics of the festivities...... This is my Pokerface!!!!! LOL
  11. Thanks for all the positive replies !! All fish in this report were enjoyed to the max!!!! Not an ounce of waste..
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