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  5. Thank you guys, those days are my best fishing memories.Tons of 10-18 lb common carp but nothing big so I quit fishing High Park. I was looking for real big carp and when I finally found those monsters I never went back. I remember that the grass carp before mine was caught at the mouth of Don River, under the Gardiner Expressway, a fish around 6 lb
  6. This is my 28 lb grass carp caught in High Park in May 1997, with another 14 carp up to 16 lb. On a 10mm pop-up boilie
  7. Bought a 2003 Subaru Legacy with 67 000Km and financed a 3 year or 60ooo km extended warranty for $2200. Now, at 180 000km my car drives like new and doesn't know what a mechanic is. I 've just waisted $3000.
  8. I don't have any ideea why nobody wears a PFD in Bocca Grande, I'm also wonderind why my PFD (Mustang Survivor Automatic with Hydrostatic Inflator Technology)is not recommended for non-swimers or week swimmers .
  9. There are days in February when the only indication of a bite is a 1mm lift of the spring indicator which comes with a Legend .For me, that is FISH ON.A video camera will show the fish engulfing the bait for 3 seconds or more .If I use a regular ice rod is "they don't bite today".The other bite indicators are poorly made. I have them all including the titanium one I also have a Fuji gluestick for guides in case of emergencies. And like they say "I better drive a BMW than a Lada". Peter
  10. Bob Izumi ice fishing rod is very sensitive but the guides are to small. I have to remove the ice from the tip guide every time I reel in. When you fish outside is very annoying.Good rod though
  11. I've bought 4 Legend rods for $65 each from BPS,sold a couple.Never had a problem I use them for perch Best bite indicator on the market but Thorne Bros are the Rolls Royce of ice fishing rods
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