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  1. targaboy175

    Boat covers

    i got mine from iboats.com
  2. targaboy175

    Show off your tacklebox

    nice man cave u got there bud !!
  3. targaboy175

    A Very Crappie Spring....

    nice nice and super nice, doing pretty good myself this year too. will post pic laster nice work
  4. targaboy175


    same here i was out all day sat .... not eye at all nothing like last year
  5. targaboy175

    Want to see the coolest birthday cake EVER?

    That is one cool birthday cake my friend !!! NICE !!!
  6. targaboy175

    How not to win friends

    nice one LOL !!!
  7. my doc told me my right arm is much bgger than my left, we look at each other and both LOL

  8. targaboy175

    Shimano Calcutta D

    try bass pro shop i've seen one there last week.
  9. targaboy175

    lost my best friend today!

    Sorry for the lost of a good buddy, i know that feeling, i lost my 14 years old corgi a few month ago.
  10. targaboy175

    She is a girl!

    congrats my friend !!! hope u still have time to do some !!
  11. targaboy175

    Show off your tacklebox

    my favourite twins [/img]
  12. targaboy175

    Show off your tacklebox

    [/img]just a couple of my fishing reels
  13. targaboy175

    Never go to the tackle shop

    My name is Vince. And I'm a tackle junkie ><