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    I want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.
  1. I'd be in but I'm working a 12hr shift Saturday. Maybe next time.
  2. I know two beagle owners that would tell you one is more than enough. Good luck with that little pup. I hope you don't care about your lawn...or your carpet...or your furniture...and so on, and so on.
  3. Don't forget Markov in Montreal for just under $6 million a year for 3 years. I don't see how management locking out the players, will affect managements own over spending on the same players.
  4. Nice bass canada414. I've never really tried the berg for largies. It used to be a good pike lake but now it's snot rocket heaven.
  5. A bag of pucks and a leaky water bottle for Lebda would have been fair. This was probably the best deal made, in Burke's time at the helm.
  6. When healthy, he was a good third-liner, 2nd penalty killing unit, player. So yes, he's going to be the best center Toronto has until "Big Joe" Colbourne gets a season or two of NHL experience. I'm sure Leaf nation will be very happy to "wait and see" if Burke's plan will pan out .
  7. I would be very surprised if alcohol wasn't a factor in this tragedy. Very seldom do two sober operators hit each other head-on, even after dark.
  8. It'll take Connolly 2 years to play 82 games for the Leafs. Not a truculant Burkie player for sure.
  9. Burke is in Afghanistan not Canada. He'll be signing american college players you've never heard of when he gets back.
  10. Working fine for me on Safari.
  11. I've seen them 7 times but the last show was a real stinker at Guelph lake. Hope they bring their A-game for those who spent the cash.
  12. Salus PFDs are made in Waterloo and are some of the most comfortable on the market. http://www.salusmarine.com/ Gotta support Canadian manufacturers.
  13. I had mine set up like BillyBob but it was an Eagle.
  14. It didn't affect the muskies or walleye on Saturday. Both of these fish were caught in the algae bloom on Saturday.
  15. It's been real good in the past. I haven't fished there since 2002 when we caught only pike on a musky weekend. We caught big smallies and largies on musky bucktails as incidental catches from 1991.
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