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  1. CaseyB

    Freshwater Jellyfish Have Arrived

    Found them in Haliburton this weekend. First time I've seen them.
  2. What was the water temp?
  3. CaseyB

    Elephant Lake Ontario !

    I've already spent 3 weeks on the lake this spring. There are lots of pike in the lake now and if you fish the weeds you should get them. Try and find weeds in 10 feet of water or more for larger fish. Husky jerks and spinnerbaits work well for the pike. The bass numbers are down the last few years since the pike have arrived but they are still there. I will be there as well for the opener and the following 2 weeks. Casey
  4. CaseyB

    Anyone else heading to nipising Jan 1 ?????

    Jan 2-5 for us. We are with south shore ice condo's.
  5. CaseyB

    porable ice fishing shelter

    I also like the 4-man ice cube. 3 years now and no problems even at -30 on Lake Nippising. Holds the heat well with my buddy heater on low and lots of room.
  6. CaseyB

    Ice fishing on Nipissing

    I use a jigging rod with a silver/yellow 1/4 oz. swidish pimple, tipped with a minnow head. Second rod just has a plain minnow inches off bottom.