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  1. I wish that were an option. We're in town in a newer subdivision. Nowhere to put another garage.
  2. Thanks Terry. Which Impact do you have? And is yours a standard 7" door? Dan, thanks for that link. Appreciate the comments.
  3. Thank you, Ohio! I was starting to think I was crazy for even asking the question. If I was close to a dealer, I'd definitely ask. None are nearby, unfortunately. 3 hours min. Was hoping for dumb luck that someone on the board has experience with that model in a standard height garage door. I've measured the boat on the trailer, and it will be close. Not sure if the driveway incline or the lip into my garage matters but it's enough to give me some doubt. Ironmaker, thanks for the comments. I know there are some options for making it work. None of them ideal.
  4. Specs have the boat on the trailer at 6'10" high. Like I said, length and width are not an issue (yes....I measured the heck out of that ). It's the 7" garage door height that has me nervous and that lip backing it in. I'm *fairly* certain it will fit, but it would suck a LOT if I'm wrong. Just throwing out a hail mary here since I'm not really sure how else to be totally certain.
  5. No it's really not a joke. The garage door is 7 ft, 6'11" with stripping. Boat is 6'10 based on specs, and I'd be backing it in on an incline with a small 'lip' going into the garage. There's not a lot of wiggle room. I'm not concerned about width or length of the garage, but the height concerns me. And if you read around on boat forums as I've been doing for weeks, you'll see enough people saying that it won't fit that it would make anyone nervous about verifying everything before ordering. I don't think that's crazy, is it?
  6. Hi all Regular reader, infrequent commenter here....but I appreciate the wealth of knowledge on this forum. I've got a random question that's eating my brain. I'm in the market for a new 1975 Pro V but I can't get totally comfortable that it will fit in my garage. By chance, does anyone here own a 2017 or 2018 Lund ProV 1975, and if so, do you know if it fits in a standard 7 foot high garage (double wide). I've researched all the specs and it says it's 6'10" on the trailer, but forum comments are mixed regarding whether or not it actually fits in a 7" garage. There's also the issue of my driveway incline, and my trigonometry isn't good enough to figure out how that all factors in...if at all. Follow up question: Any chance anyone owns one and lives in, or visits, the Owen Sound area and would be willing to swing by with their boat and help me size it up. I'll even pay you. Anyone with any insights on this? Thanks a bunch Ben
  7. Finally started finding some nice salmon around Owen Sound. 70-80 feet of water running anchovies has been the ticket. Would love to attach an inline image of my little guy with a nice salmon but cant figure out how to compress to 250kb. Any tips? Separately, wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their chartplotter/fishfinder. I've got the Navionics Sonar Charts, which are amazing. BUT the GPS is off by at least 100M. So when it's showing the boat over a nice reef or dropoff, I'm actually more than 100M away, which is kind of frustrating and a bit useless. It's fine for following a specific break line, but makes it hard to find smaller pieces of structure. Anyone had this problem? My finder is a Lowrance if that matters. Thanks
  8. Will have to call on Monday. Was hoping someone knew an easy fix in a pinch. Thanks
  9. I had the gold, then purchased the update card which is supposed to allow community edits/sonar charts. I downloaded the map area I wanted off the Navionics site, but it won't display any of the sonar charts on the unit, just the old chart.
  10. Just curious if anyone has used the sonar scans and community edits on the Lowrance HDS units. I can't get these to load on my HDS 7. Anyone have similar problems? Thanks
  11. This was posted by the mom last night. Glad the boys have tackle again: My family would like to send out a huge Thank you to everyone that has helped out my son Hunter and his buddy Colin. When I put up the post about the boys having their fishing gear stolen we were not expecting it to turn out how it has. The boys came home really upset that their gear got stolen and all I wanted is to make everyone else out there aware so the same thing didn't happen to others and hope that there could have been a chance to get their belongings back. All of a sudden my post was being shared all over Facebook and I had people commenting and messaging me wanting to donate things to the boys so they could get back out fishing. The boys could not believe how many people were wanting to help them out and they are so very thankful for everything that everyone has done for them! They have already said that if there are items that they do not need, it will be given to others that can use it as a pay it forward. This whole thing just gives us hope in humanity and shows that no matter what there are always kind hearted people willing to be there and help out. There has been people that have dropped things off for us, sending things in the mail and they also got the privilege to go down to the Toronto Sportsman Show and meet some big sports fishing & hunting celebrities which also donated a bunch of new gear for the boys! Definitely a memory to last a life time!!! Huge thank you goes out to Kelly Lanctot, Benjamin Anders, Rob Long, Josh Wheildon, Chris Fortune, Amanda Lynn Mayhew-Hare, Michael Brian, Carrie Cartwright, Mike Miller from Angler & Hunter TV, Ron James from Fish TV, Big Jim McLaughlin, Bob Izumi, Pure Fishing, Fishbum Outfitters, Lyman Lures, and to all the others that have helped out and put smiles back on these boys faces!
  12. A lady posted this to our local facebook fishing group: So my 10 yr old son and his buddy went down to the boat launch by Goodyear to go fishing, they left their stuff to go to the bathroom down a little further and when they came back their 3 tackle boxes plus a rod and reel was gone!!!! I have 2 very upset boys that worked very hard to build up their own fishing supplies and now are left with nothing to be able to go fishing again! Just ignorant!!!! Please if anyone hears or sees anything please let me know! The good part is that there are dozens of comments under the original post where local anglers are asking how they can get tackle and rods/reels to the kids. Good ending to a crappy situation for the kids. Nice to see people pull together.
  13. @Glen- What thickness would you recommend. @Steve- Was there a brand you liked over the others? Also, I'm hoping for a trailer with oversized tires for some really rough launches in my area. My current trailer has very little clearance and gets hung up on rocks. Anyone had that problem, and is there one particular brand that has more clearance than others? Thanks.
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