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  1. I haven't posted here in a while but your report is worth commenting on. First of all, it was very well written and kept my attention the whole time. The pics and fish were incredible. Perfect specimens. I love the pic of Andrew in the sunset and the one of your giant covering your face. Both magazine quality. You guys killed it! Jeez, now I HAVE TO fish LOTW. Fish like that don't come easy. You guys earned them. Again, fantastic report. Now I'm gonna look at your pics one more time.
  2. The truck I have now is a 2001 GMC Sonoma. She is a work horse. I've killed this truck and towed a 16ft aluminum Sylvan every week for 5 yrs. She will pull the Ranger but I could feel her pulling uphill and the boat is hard on the truck's brakes. It has a V6 Vortec 4.3L engine. It works everyday doing demos and renos and is driven primarily in the GTA. I'm sad to get rid of her but it's time to upgrade.. Thanks for all the input guys!
  3. Hey guys/gals, I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. I bought a used Ranger R80 bass boat in August. It's an 18footer with a 150 Merc optimax on the back. The whole package weighs around 3000 lb. My work truck and towing truck is soon to be dead. The 4x4 is done and it has 320 000kms on it. I'm looking to buy a used truck but was wondering if a V6 could haul a boat like that or if I should be looking for something stronger or bigger. This will be my primary driving, working and fishing vehicle. Any recommendations? My budget is $10 000-$15 000. Thanks
  4. I guess the action wasn"t as hot as the day I met you out there but at least you got one. Great video and fish
  5. Nice job on the PBs. I got out last week and the week before with friends and did quite well too. Looks like you guys had some nice weather to be out. Great report Bill
  6. Hey guys, my Jiffy says to run the mix 40:1. It's a model 30. Should I be mixing it 24:1?
  7. Great report and some good fish there. I was supposed to be up there this weekend but plans got pushed till october. Your second week was very productive. Good job.
  8. How was the trip to the French River? How was Castaway?

  9. Thanks so much guys, I hope all of this info will help me catch some big ones and save me from smacking a rock
  10. It's on Dry Pine Bay Rd. I think it's on the lower French
  11. Hey guys, I'm going up to the French in a couple of weeks with some buddies. We're staying at Castaway Resort. I havn't fished the French in years and when i did, we stayed at Bear's Den Lodge. Does anyone know how the fishing is around Castaway? Any weeds or vegatation around there? I was hoping to fish mostly for bass but wanted to know if I should concentrate on pike and muskies in this area. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  12. Great bunch of fish. Looks like you had a busy spring. Thanks for the report
  13. Great story and great fish guys...you earned them
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