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  1. They would soon leave....only small wormy fish in Cameron.
  2. As a long timer on here, who appears to know what he is talking about, some may take your opinion as gospel. Just saying.
  3. Sinker in post # 5 you named lakes.... do as I say , not as I do ?
  4. Wind and currents would be my guess.
  5. Most of the poaching I have seen in my lifetimes, is-was, not done by the white bucket crowd, but 'locals' who think because they have lived there for generations the law does not apply to them. No season , no limit, no slot.
  6. How would they know unless they look? Not every poacher has a white bucket. Why would they not look ,after making all that effort to get back in there, and you giving them a legal,( albeit weak, but that's all they need), reason to do so. Bet they have caught a lot of poachers that way, one small slip up.
  7. Why? It is the most active. It seems like a very civil discussion to me. I like to hear opinions and rational that is contrary to mine. That is how you form opinions and view points.
  8. Sorry you took it personally . When I said 'your' I did not mean ' you' , but anyone who is reading this thread and who does not stop. To answer your question , why should you let them search your stuff, well when the LEO fulfills the legal obligations to do so, ie. reasonable and probable grounds, as determined by the officer, not by you.
  9. Stopped and questioned ,and stopped and searched,( without p.g.), are very different, I would think your refusal to stop, then gives them reasonable grounds to search. Just for that very reason that some folks refuse to be searched, even legally so, without grounds to , they have the sniffer dogs at many such check points, if it smells fish, ( what fishing boat doesn't), then they have the right to check ALL of your stuff.
  10. Not guilty , it just makes it legal to stop you. The law as stated clearly gives them the right to check. Sorry Bill you type faster than I do.
  11. Thanks for that reply Grimsby it made my morning coffee so much sweeter. If you do not want to stop when directed to by a LEO thanks for that , because while he is chasing you , I will be continuing down the road.
  12. If you say go ahead search, they probable won't ,say no and they will for sure. Something must be up requiring immediate action.
  13. Yup, it could just be to the CO, that something smelled 'fishy', and they will search.
  14. Without a doubt ,according to law, it does give them the right to stop you. I guess that is why they have the game and fish sniffing dogs with them , for what is in the storage that you don't show them. Also on Page 32 of the hunting regs , gives the power to search without a warrant, in circumstances requiring immediate action. I think that if you are about to drive away with any evidence of your law breaking ,that would constitute a circumstance requiring immediate action, and you will be searched without a warrant.
  15. Thanks for proving my point, it is all in the wording.I read it and it says,......... has RESONABLE GROUNDS TO BELIEVE THAT STOPPING THE CONVEYANCE WOULD ASSIST IN DETERMINING WHETHER THERE IS COMPLIANCE........ Does anyone believe that stopping the vehicle would not assist to determine compliance? Pretty hard to look in the boat while it is moving down the road. Reasonable grounds, NOT to believe that they were in compliance with the law, BUT reasonable grounds to expect that stopping said vehicle would aid in determining compliance.
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