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  1. 2 on roe one on a pinky and one on a stone fly. Still waiting for my first shot of chrome this season but these guys will do! haha
  2. pics were to big to put all in one post
  3. .having trouble uploading pics lol sorry guys
  4. left the house at 3 last week made my first cast at sunrise what a day 4-4 on the brownies!
  5. Why all the hate on Italo? lol Personally hes one of my favorites and arent all fishing show guys sponsored by fishing companies? Sure he preaches about sail and rapala like no tomorrow but Ive heard dave mercer trying to "sell" yamaha outboards? Their just doing their jobs. Italo is a great guy, very interactive with his fans he has almost every episode on youtube and if you message or comment a question he will always respond and sooner that you would think. Only thing that I dont get is why he fishes in india so much
  6. Michelin LTX best truck tire IMO. Goodyear wranglers are also great
  7. Not at all Im a huge car guy lol Love the mazda3's, the speed3 is a rocket!
  8. trucks are a part of most peoples (including me) fishing gear, they tow boats, haul gear, get you to more remote spots and for me it is also my mobile tackle box (tool box in the bed is FULL of steelhead gear lol), so a truck post is IMO a fishing related topic, if someone were to post about their 91 hatch back civic now that would be a different story haha edit: nice truck though, to bad she aint a gm
  9. Caught this lil jack today and was a little shocked when I saw this bulge on his side. I made sure not to touch the fish and released it as quickly as I could. Anyone know what it could be?
  10. Ata boy! I think I remember a threat last winter about the same thing, what a shame man. Next time arrange to meet the guy somewhere to buy the roe, and show up with a c.o and watch how fast he craps his pants LOL Nothing like the feeling of busting a poacher
  11. For sure buddy, Im going to be getting a pfluerger 12'6 from someone on the forum to get me by (anyone have any experiences with this rod?), but I for sure want to replace the aventa for lager rivers and TROUT ONLY from now on haha I now understand why a lot of guys have diff rods for salmon and chrome lol
  12. Very true I lost my first few browns and my first 3 steelhead lol I had no idea of the epic battle I was in for! My buddy was able to land his first chrome however it was a smaller one. You really have no idea what your in for until it take that first run and takes to the sky! Nice work on your first steel head!
  13. dont get an aventa!! they snap.... lol
  14. Really? It might not fit? How would I go about fixing mine ? I called frank from bronte outdoor he said he knows a guy in brampton who can fix it for 40 bucks, theres another place near franks store that fixes rods as well and quoted me around the same price.
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