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  1. Agreed. the fines are not enough of a deterrent. this idiot will probably be back at it next weekend.
  2. completely wrong. commercial fishing is harvesting fish for human consumption. tournaments are always catch and release.
  3. Sail and Fishingworld both have 20% off almost all fishing stuff right now. I picked up a St. Croix Triumph muskie rod from sail last night. 20% off
  4. i fished there while on vacation years ago, i caught barracuda, trumpet fish casting rattle traps off the rocks around the beaches (eg. at John Smith Bay). i used a 3 piece travel rod, 12 pound mono and a steel leader, We also used squid on the bottom and caught many kinds of saltwater fish (like wrasses) There are bonefish in Harrington Sound. I didn't see or catch any but if you go on youtube there are videos.. I have caught bonefish on jigs off the beach in Nassau Bahamas though (in front of Sandals while on honeymoon)
  5. i find i can throw my J13 rapalas much better on my baitcasting gear than my spinning gear. not sure why. So I use a spinning rod for spoon chucking and my 7'6 baitcasting rod for J13 rapalas.
  6. nice! go get em! those daiwa whiskers have been around since the late 80s and are famously good.
  7. maybe so but I always thought the super rich always had drivers for just about everything?? ie someone else can drive while I relax.
  8. the FKs are fantastic. i have a 3000 size. the new FL is essentially the same reel but with a long stroke spool.
  9. Hi, last time i was at Bronte pier, the pier was closed off and gated. big sign saying 'structure unsafe keep off' not sure if thats due to rehab on the pier or just the high water. yesterday the waves were coming over top of the liftbridge on the hamilton side, i assume that is closed as well. Where can we chuck spoons this year??
  10. it kills me to see pics all over the place of people fishing or posing with fish from tubes, inflatables or kayaks and no life jacket on. in order for it to be effective you have to be WEARING IT.
  11. spend the money and get a stradic, either the FK 3000, or the new FL 3000.
  12. it says in the article the guy doing the ramming served jail time prior. sounds like a real winner.
  13. a notable exception to the trend of unrealistic big musky baits would be the rapala peto: https://rapala.ca/products/x-rap-peto granted, i dont know if they are being marketed specifically for muskie but I know at my local tackle store muskie guys are buying them up.
  14. awesome pics. some nice big pike too. well done.
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