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  1. about 8ish hrs from gta,but as close as say parry sound
  2. im looking for a 4 season rv park in northern ontario,does anyone know of any?
  3. beef brisket,ready for cooking.
  4. sounds like a fantastic trip!especially having your old man there....thats where great memories are made my friend btw,that fist laker is damn gorgeous!beautiful color and markings
  5. General Discussion Follow 44 Talk about fishing, hunting, the great outdoors or whatever you like in here! Keep it clean! i guess your right...lol
  6. thanks HH,appreciate it... human nature to give advice i guess,even when its not asked...all good
  7. this is why i want to be alone in the bush!!!lmao im not asking for opinions on whether i can mentally or physically handle it,im just asking about real estate ill take this question to another forum.... thanks anyways
  8. .i have my father looking into it,hes been a real estate broker/seller for over 35 years... thanks for the heads up
  9. ok,i have stated i want this,i dont need anybody explaining to me how hard a life it is...im fully aware of every mental and physical aspect of this life choice!!!
  10. damn that battered fish should be on the cover of a food magazine!looks really appetizing
  11. thank you for the kinks!ive searched the dignam land and recreationland.net before...kijiji has property and seems to be the best site there is an organization called Boreal Forest Medieval Village,they buy big chunks of waterfront property and sell off .5 acre waterfront lots for $2500.they are on their second project,the first was a great success...im considering buying some property from them
  12. ill just say i have a very strong belief that we should live a certain way,and im going to do it.i spend months at a time at our hunt camp,like i said before i actually prefer my solitude,and do not like modern attitudes...i want to be alone,well,me and my 2 dogs. i have thoroughly thought this through!!!!every single aspect....loneliness was a concern,but not anymore,i spend 99% of my time alone,might as well do it where i want to be
  13. and i am kind of a hermit...i very much enjoy the solitude of nature
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