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  1. Yes this is for a future trip.i understand they usually dont start selling till mid may,though I did call a place in Vaughan today who has them maybe it is that true canadian outdoors,that sounds familiar.
  2. Does anybody know who carries leaches from georgina area to sudbury area?
  3. There are a few very well reviewed cameras with tons of accessories on Amazon.. I'm going to get one myself
  4. Nice trout!! I love those bigger fish... the bigger the hook jaw,the bigger the fish
  5. That's great info guys!thank you very much I'll try this on my trip They look very versatile...I do a lot of vertical jigging as well,these seem like they would work well for jigging
  6. I see these jigs sometimes,but cant find any info on fishing presentations for them...how do u walleye guys use these? Do u tip them with minnows?vertical jig them? bba231_b322122cfd354057ac872640860a6baf-mv2_d_2832_2128_s_2.webp
  7. I dont have it..there are a few for sale online...just want to know before I purchase
  8. I'm going to lake onaping this may and would like to know if the explorist 310 has a lake base map with most ontario lakes on it?
  9. Ok.thanx so much for your replies...it helped a lot
  10. I am going on a trip off grid and have a power bank and solar charger but it is usb... I need a usb to 6v or 12v that has aligator clips to charge the finder Does anyone know where I could get this adapter?
  11. Pefferlaw,on I'd take $100 a piece These reels retail for over $300 new each
  12. 20200330_125617.jpg
    I have a 100 and 200 series calcutta's..both in great shape..very smooth reels!! Make a reasonable offer
  13. it should be first degree cause lacing drugs knowing it can cause harm is premeditated
  14. thank you cliff,very kind of you.i will keep you updated
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