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  1. offgriddin


    it should be first degree cause lacing drugs knowing it can cause harm is premeditated
  2. thank you cliff,very kind of you.i will keep you updated
  3. ok,thanks cliff...il look into that area for sure,some nice properties in the french river area
  4. im open to all possibilities man,could you provide a link to those properties?id really appreciate it cliff
  5. has anyone fished long lake before?i hear its good walleye fishing,just thought id try to get some info here
  6. i have been looking at property on long lake near charleton,on...they have hydro at the road and on the water for around 50k apparently the fishing is great..has anyone fished long lake?
  7. offgriddin


    a man in my area was just convicted of manslaughter for mixing fentanyl with cocaine and caused a woman to overdose and die.he got 10 years
  8. i think ill take your advice guys...thank you
  9. there is very little info on google actually...most ads are for short term stay parks,seasonal my house just sold today and id like to try something different...
  10. about 8ish hrs from gta,but as close as say parry sound
  11. im looking for a 4 season rv park in northern ontario,does anyone know of any?
  12. beef brisket,ready for cooking.
  13. sounds like a fantastic trip!especially having your old man there....thats where great memories are made my friend btw,that fist laker is damn gorgeous!beautiful color and markings
  14. General Discussion Follow 44 Talk about fishing, hunting, the great outdoors or whatever you like in here! Keep it clean! i guess your right...lol
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