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  1. Thanks Chris but I've already got the deposit down! I've heard great things about the Temagami houseboat trip though, my brother did it last year.
  2. Awesome, thanks very much guys. I really appreciate the help. If you have any additional tips or things I should consider I'm all ears...this is my first time doing this and want to make sure the boys have a great time. Thanks again, this has bean a huge help. FF17
  3. That brings up another one of my questions... I think it's obvious that the boys are going to get rowdy in the evenings so will this create issues if we tie up at the locks overnight? disturbing any other boaters who are spending the night? I don't want to cause any trouble I assumed it would be best to anchor overnight somewhere away from others but I'm hearing mixed reviews on this..
  4. the boat is rated for 12 people..I'm sure it will be tight but we're all good buds. Hopefully I can say the same at the end of the trip!
  5. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. We will be out there end of June and I will be bringing the fishing boat...might serve as a nice break from 11 guys on a boat for 4 days.. FF17
  6. Do you know how much exactly? Cool idea but wouldn't make a lot of sense if it is significantly more expensive than a 14ft aluminum/jon boat
  7. post-28404-0-50664900-1459109993.jpg
    Hi All, I'm the best man in my good friend's wedding and have planned a 4 day houseboat trip for his bachelor party. We booked through Happy Days on Pigeon lake and will be on their "luxury model" (picture attached). We will have 11 guys on the boat and 4 of us are avid fisherman. Because of that I'm wondering if it makes sense to bring my 16ft tracker and tow it behind the houseboat? Has anyone ever done something like this and do you have to take the two boats through the locks separately? We are planning to head up pigeon to bobcaygeon, through sturgeon, and up to fenelon falls..and hopefully we'll find a muskie or two along the way. If anyone has done a trip like this it would be great to learn from your experience. Thanks in advance, FF17
  8. I had similar issues with my 96 Ford Explorer (starving for gas, only runs with foot on the pedal) and it turned out to be a very dirty fuel filter that was causing problems. What's strange about your situation is that both cars were fine the day before and now both are experiencing the same issues...and the traverse is hardly 5 years old.. Good luck with it and hopefully someone can point you in the right direction. FF17
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome folks. There's a lot of useful info on this forum and I'm happy to finally be a member. Counting down the days until I'm on the water again. Stay tuned for some reports... FF17
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    Hi All, I just joined the forums and wanted to say hello. I've been following for the past year or so and finally decided to join. I've picked up a lot of useful information from some of your posts so I must say thanks - I'll contribute whatever I can in return. I do the majority of my fishing at my family cottage near Gravenhurst but often venture to the Kawarthas. I'm always looking to catch new fish but mainly target pike, bass and the odd musky. My boat is and older one but it's a 16ft Tracker with upgraded electronics/trolling motor so it gets the job done. I just picked up a GoPro this offseason so I plan to share some videos this summer. I've added a pic of one of my better pike from last season. I'm looking forward to a great 2016 fishing season! FF17
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