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  1. Looking for a place to fish with grandson for 3-4 days. Definately need to have high success rate dont want Grandson to get bored. Need to get this guy hooked on fishing. Looking for suggestions at resort on a really good lake with LOTS and LOTS of fish. willing to drive to make sure this time is a success. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Probably going next Spring!
  2. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to every kayak, there are numerous sites that will help you weigh your options. It all really boils down to comfort and enjoyment and if not comfortable you won't enjoy it. I recommend go to a few dealers and try them out, but look at your I rest your personal needs and restrictions are. What is good for someone else may not work for you, but you may be able to adapt and adopt part of their ideas. Btw the Hobie is an awesome kayak, despite the cost, just bought up the first Hobie pro angler T 17 from the fishing show in Toronto, and I am jacked, come on warm weather. This one works for me because I can take out the wife who had a stroke, so stability is an issue. Can adapt to single, draw back little heavy for the car top so use a trailer, but hey it's all good. Any reason you have for drowning worms works for me...lol. The key to good kayak is like any experience, make sure the good experiences out way the bad, then make the best of the bad situations. See you on the waters... Enjoy the yak
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