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  1. Wow thank you very much, very very helpful, cant wait for the years to come!
  2. Obviously i will pay for the training....
  3. Hey guys i just picked up an englush springer pup. He is only 9 weeks but starts basic obedience classes next week. I would like to train him to flush rabbits and upland birds but mostly rabbits as there are more hunting opportunities where i live in southwestern ontario. My question are there any trainers on this site that would be willing to work with him and myself as i am new to this as well over the wknds during the winter months or does anyone know someone who they could refer me to? Thanks for any responses i am open to any suggestions guys as to the steps i need to take to make Loomis a great flushing dog. Thanks guys!
  4. thanks for the replies guys......I also am having trouble locating the bass, they seem to be scattered, im picking them up casting weedlines for northerns and the odd bass on the flats....but they have not stacked anywhere yet....appreciate the help and ill try a little deeper while casting, I might just be getting too close, try slowing down and working my way into the shallows....thanks again for the help
  5. there are no muskies in that section of the river, if that helps, it was dammed like 50-60 years ago and musky habitat was destroyed and pikes thrived.....I have read articles saying that pike that share lakes with musky do different things than pike who do not share with muskies...thanks again
  6. just as good as the saugeen I think, at least it can be
  7. Hey guys, I have been guiding for a camp on the English river, on the Umfreville lake section, anyway my question to you guys is how do you locate big "trophy" size northerns at this time of year? I have focused a lot of time casting weed beds that are located close to deep water. For the most part these spots produced through July and into early August, now it seems they have disappeared. What areas would you focus on in order to pattern these fish? Many articles claim they move to deeper water, well what kind of deeper water? 20 feet? 60 feet? there are spots on this river where depths reach over 100 feet....I just am confused as to what these fish are doing when in the past I have caught fish at this time of year in those weed beds. Any help that you can provide me is greatly appreciated. The river itself holds a stained brownish colour all year round so locals claim you cannot fish deep because the fish cannot see your lures....any ideas guys? lol thanks again and look forward to learning more
  8. hey rich, was out steelheading yesterday stopped in at my trailer in st. williams....the bay is starting to form ice but there is still open water about half way out....wont be long now as long as it stays cold....hope this can help
  9. while im at it....has anyone seen any of the huron tribs? maitland or saugeen mostly....i know they are open but how dangerous is it? is there huge chunks of ice coming down the river? thanks in advance
  10. i wont go past newcastle....so yeah lots of frozen tribs that way?
  11. Hey guys hope everyone had a merry xmas....anyway just wondering if anyone has been down to see what the lake ontario east tribs look like....feel free to pm me as well...thanks guys in advance Hawk
  12. Hey guys, just wondering if I could get a list of guides on lake erie on the eastern end on the canadian side. I am looking into a day trip for big smallies with my girlfriend, I dont want to spend much more than 350 though but either way I will explore all options. I usually fish in long point bay but have found the fish to be getting smaller every year, just want to get her out and tie her into some big dawgs and need someone familiar with the waters. Thanks for any help in advance fellas!
  13. If you are interested in the St. Thomas area, definately check out Port Stanley, its a little fishing village south of St. Thomas at the mouth of Kettle Creek....there is a couple beaches and one of them is a large beach used by alot of people so scenery is pretty good there at times haha you can also ride the train in Port Stanley, lol I would just suggest finding a hotel or a bed and breakfast in Port Stanley lol if you got a boat there is a couple of ramps to put in.....you can catch perch out around the pier and further out in the lake people mostly use downriggers to catch rainbows and walleyes.....anyways hope I can help....take care
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