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  1. anyone know why the chain was put up at the boat launch today nov 10 2013? cuz the the kid I called at the mounstberg pavilion had no clue endend up at valens
  2. My new Revo Rocks!!!!

  3. I think they kept forgetting to take the camera and some French dude is holding a pic hostage
  4. Came home with the Abu Revo STX 7.1:1........Had the Chronarch in hand but just didn't feel right. I guess only time will tell if swaying away from Shimano will bite me again Thanxs for the info on the BPS reels origins
  5. maybe that 10 lber is lurking out there somewhere....ahahah
  6. I think I sorta figured this out
  7. ubfishin


    The SS on that car stands for Super Sexy.......hope she's ok.....lol
  8. Oh and I need help on adding pics to this
  9. Hey fellow anglers I'm new on here i'm a non-boater who loves to fish for the bass. I build cars all day so hunting for a lunker from shore is my therapy. Just wanted to share with you a couple of heads ups on some product failures that I have experienced this past season. 1. BPS Carbonlite blew out the transmission on probably what was my heaviest bucketmouth to date in the pads. Set the hook reeled like a mad man and then POW!!!! handle is turning but the spool's not. Tried to catch up with it by hand bombing......too late she was gone So off to BPS I go to return both cuz of coarse I bought 2 of them.....should have never strayed away from my shimano 2.Strike King crankbaits series 4 and 4s leakers and non tunable right out of the pkg. I have 7 so far and still half dozen or so still in the pkg. Don't get me wrong these baits produce but seem the quality is suffering. Tried to take them back to the store no replacements offered. I was told to contact Strike King wich I have with no replies. Maybe I should drop KVD a line since his name is all over that product. well enough for now
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