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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Was curious what guys do when putting boat away for the winter. Do you fill the tank and put stabilizer in the gas, or do you let the tank run almost dry and just put a small amount of stabilizer in the gas? I have been told to fill the tank in my boat (100L tank) and then stabilize the gas because that helps prevent moisture building in the tank over the winter. I've also see people put their boat away for the winter and it has very little gas in it so come the spring they can put a fresh full tank in it. What you do? Thanks!
  2. Well the clan is on the move to a new house. The house is a similar size but the basement is finished so I have to be more judicious in my rod/tackle storage. Two considerations other than in the house are: The cold room, it is huge but I am hesitant to put the rods (and tackle) in there because the humidity isn't controlled. The garage is insulated but not heated/cooled. Thoughts on using either of these? Augers and such I'm not worried about, but the cork handles, fishing reels, tackle bags and soft plastics are the main potential issues.
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